TV Show Review : Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to get away with murder

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Back to the old habits, three reviews in one article because too much shows, too little time.

Grey’s Anatomy, The Bed’s Too Big Without You, 11×10

Grey’s can work perfectly without Derek. And it could work as well without Meredith but we haven’t experienced that yet. Once again, she remembers that she has kids when it is convenient (sleeping alone seems to suck) but the rest of the time she admits herself that she doesn’t know who is taking care of them. Splendid. But she played with a 3D printer and remove a huge tumor – I normally look away when there is medical procedure but I was fascinated by the size of it – so I’ll let it go for this week. Anyway, the important stuff is not her concern because except with you are heartless, nothing matters more than the condition of April and Jackson’s baby. I still have some hope for a Type III (I write that because I hear it, I have no idea of what it really means actually) but it is a Shonda Rhime show so I’m ready for a good crying session next week. I also don’t think that their couple is going to make it. They fight too much about religion to be able to last. Even with an healthy child, sooner or later, April will make a decision because of her faith and Jackson won’t be able to accept it. April is breaking my heart, especially because Sarah Drew is doing such an amazing job but seeing Jackson so powerless, so lonely – whatever April is saying she has her family and her faith -, unable to make his wife sees that he has the right to have a say in the life of his son. And that what made me sad during the episode. But there was some fun as well, first with the conversation between Meredith, Pierce, Bailey and Amelia and at the end with Jo « pausing » to read a text from Stephanie in the middle of sex. I loved Alex’s face. It’s also for these moments that I love this show. The scene at the bar, between Callie and the hot brunette was also interesting. Callie is the one who wanted a divorce and she got it and yet, now that she’s single, she cannot see herself with somebody else. I don’t know what it means for Calzona but it allowed us to see a great chemistry between Callie and Owen. They both need somebody and they are great together.

I guess that the show will break us next week with some unwanted announcements but it too well done for me to say that I’m not impatient.

Strong parts :

– Meredith and Pierce are building a nice relationship. So does Owen and Callie.

– Even if it hurts, the storyline of Japril is really good. But it’s really sad to watch.

– I love 3D printing, I think that’s totally awesome so I love when they get overly excited by using the printer.

Weak parts :

– I know that it’s been quite some time but I still think that the show is missing a piece without Cristina.


Scandal, Where’s The Black Lady?, 4×11

Oliva Pope might have been the shadow of herself during the last two seasons, but she is still the woman who controls, not even because she wants to, the most powerful man on the planet. And now, everybody knows it. I’ve never been that excited for Scandal in such a long time, I thought about leaving the ship so I’m still a bit stunned that they managed to make me fall in love again. I watched Scandal then HTGAWM then Grey’s then TBBT and Modern Family and it’s really not that often that I put the comedy in last. But back to the episode, I loved how even in their lowest point, with enemies all around, Fitz, Mellie and Cyrus are able to keep some power. Because they are the most powerful people there (if you don’t count Olivia when she’s really Olivia Pope) and it was important to show that they are really the ones with the power. Even if Andrew has his war, he won’t win this. He lost Mellie and Elizabeth (outch!) and he lost Olivia as well. I can’t wait to see how Fitz and Jake are going to destroy him. I mean, a guy who really thought that a woman like Mellie will come back to him while he cheated on her is beyond me. Mellie is the image of the cheated wife, she loved Fitz and he fell in love with somebody else and she had to witness it. She’s beyond hurt and she’s way more confidant in herself than Andrew thinks. Scandal wouldn’t be Scandal if the biggest problems weren’t solved by sex and Mellie has some arguments to get what she wants… I really hope that she’ll find somebody at the end. About Jake, Quinn and Huck, they are playing super spies and of course, they can find everything in no time but the way Huck frightened Elizabeth in her house was as great as the view of her back was terrible. It’s not like I think that Huck is a sweet guy but it was some really terrible torture and even if I dislike the women, I hurt for her.

During this time, Olivia is slowly losing her mind but finding her old self in the same time. Too bad her intelligence made her rescue impossible (but it wouldn’t be as fun). Kerry is doing a terrific job, she’s so impressive, it’s like a magnetic pull. Normally I’m watching the show and do few things in the same time but these last two episodes I couldn’t do anything but watch my screen. As much I love her style in her white clothes, being filthy and captive allows her to really be free of what she can do (both the character and the actress).

Awesome episode, I cannot wait to see what will happened next. The crew and cast did a oustanding job!

Strong parts :

– Kerry Washington was again incredible.

– I love how Fitz and Mellie works on their partnership (while Mellie has almost nothing to win from it)

– Once again, there were not one single second to blink away without missing something. Really impressive

Weak parts :

– It was a bit too easy to find the guys keeping Olivia. I mean, a reflection on a glass of water, come on…


How To Get Away With Murder, Best Christmas Ever, 1×11

Call the hospital, few people are about to get interned really soon. I think Laurel is going to last the longest but it’s close between Wes, Michaela and Connor for the first one to break. All these people are getting insane and there’s nothing that I love to watch more. And not only the consequences of their murder are awesome but the case that Annalise was working on was also awesome. I mean it was terrible but awesome. The actors are so good now that it’s weird to think that there’s only 10 episodes before and that the quality of their acting was completely different in the pilot except for Viola Davis. They are way more suited to play characters turning crazy than regular law students. Connor is grasping at Oliver, the only way for him to think that his life is normal, Michaela lost everything, her future, her fiancé and lie to everyone, Laurel is fucking two guys at the same time, Wes is having nightmares all the time and Annalise is having breakdown after breakdown. Will they make a mistake? Is somebody going to find clues? Will they live happily ever after? All the paths are there and they are going fast, really fast so they might not choose the good one.

What I really like is that nobody is acting like what happened is no big deal (except for Franck but the guy is a weirdo), they are all trying to live one day at the time and not losing it. There is no cockiness, arrogance or superiority. They are all feeling miserable and counting their days outside a cell. And it’s really the strength of the show. I feel their worries, the constant terror and the confusion because everything went so fast. It’s believable. And it shouldn’t be because it’s a show and you don’t kill somebody but it feels real. I still don’t know if I want them to get away with it or not but I want to know how they’ll try with everything they have to preserve their future.

There is nothing really to say, except to sit, watch and enjoy. Just enjoy.

Strong parts :

– Everybody is going nuts and it is such a pleasure to watch!

– The way the episode was directing was really clever. All the flashbacks of each other’s Christmas were really well made

– Viola Davis is once again shining by her charisma and her talent.

Weak parts :

– Everything is going so fast, I don’t know how long they will be able to keep this up.


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