TV Show Review : Grey’s Anatomy, I must have lost it on the wind, 11×01

grey's anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy, who  can have either fantastic or awful so it’s going to be interesting to see how they are going to develop this season eleven. It’s impressive to think about the longevity of the show, which stills attracts around 10 millions every Thursday night. I’m 21 and it’s been 9 years that I’m watching and I know that I’ll stick around until the end.

So, I also put the pieces of my heart together after the leave of Cristina and I’m almost ready to enjoy this season. There are already few things that I like, that Merder are in trouble, there so much fluff that I can take in this couple, Calzona being out of synch (but hopefully not too much), the arrival of the new Addison (although nobody can be better than Kate Walsh) and how they are going to play this new big plotline with another half-sister for Meredith.

I like the actress and even if I still don’t understand how the Ellis Grey could be pregnant without anyone noticing and that it’s rare to see find two half-sister in less than 5 years but okay, let’s roll with it. I would love to see Richard and Derek’s sister to bond over their secrets and after his break-up with Catherine it will be good for him to have someone for him. I’m happy to see Amelia so I hope that Derek’s decision to stay in Seattle won’t change it. (I saw that she was considered as one of the main characters of the season so it should be cool).

I don’t feel like writing a lot about the episode as it’s a similar pattern. The rhythm is the same for so long and we’re so familiar with all of it that there’s nothing much to say. I don’t really care about the medical aspect of the show, I don’t have anything to say about it then.

Classic episode, few nice moments (Meredith and Alex are too cute, Derek and Owen as well), efficient but forgettable.


Strong parts :

– New season, new plot, how Meredith (and Richard) are going to welcome the newest addition of the family ?

– Is there a shipper name for Meredith/Alex friendship ? Loved it.

Weak parts :

– Except for the mid-season and finale you are rarely surprised or completely taken by a Grey’s episode.

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