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Grey’s Anatomy, All I Could Do Was Cry, 11×11

Did Grey’s already made an official partnership with Kleenex? I don’t know if it was  really the saddest episode because this show had some pretty heavy moments, but wow, that was though. Not that it was a surprise or anything, but the voice of April all around the episode, the acting of Sarah and the storyline had been perfect. I was surprised that Sarah Drew asked for this particular narrative arc for her character knowing that she has one or two kids herself. Of course it must be easier to feel the desperation of a parent going to something that horrible but being pregnant at the same time might have hurt. Anyway, the storyline was amazing, I loved how they all went to light a candle in the church even if I’m not a believer at all. It was beautiful and I think the moment Amelia comes in and see all the candle lighten up is one of the most powerful moments of all seasons to me. But I’m glad that it is over (for the main part) because it wasn’t easy to watch and even the rest of the show felt heavy because of it. The rest of the episode was pretty much drown under the Japril storyline. The woman unaware of her pregnancy was sweet even if I don’t really know how you cannot feel your baby when you’re 9 months pregnant (until 6 or7 months maybe, but when you’re ready to go to labor?) and the story of the young woman who lost her fiancé was touching as well. Except that and the fact that Meredith wants to have emergency sex with Derek, nothing stuck with me very much.

Even if it was one of the hardest storyline to witness, Japril’s baby won our hearts and we were pretty much all grieving with our beloved characters this week-end. Congrats to the actors and the crew for the feelings.

Strong parts:

– Once again, Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams were incredible. Congratulations guys, that was though and you did it.

– Pierce is more and more the good surprise of this season. Fun, light and smart, she’s really refreshing.


Weak parts:

– Meredith is even annoying when Derek isn’t there? But…. Why?



How To Get Away with Murder, She’s a Murderer, 0x12

This show is getting better and better every week that passes. It’s actually quite unbelievable how all the things that I reproached to the show (the flashbacks, the weird relationships, the directing,…), everything disappeared. There is only an amazing show to watch now. I’m just enjoying it actually. I’m attached to the characters, I don’t want them to get caught, I’m anxious when they are, relieve when they are, etc. And this episode was pretty intense with the suspense. First from Hannah’s certitude that Annalise killed Sam (she’s not that wrong) and the search warrant for the house. Of course Annalise did an amazing job to cover everything but I thought the « study group » was going to have a collective heart attack. But in the same time, and it’s probably one of the biggest strength of the show, between a search and the conviction that they’ll get all arrested in the next hour, they are all working a case that we actually care about. In Grey’s, everything else the Japril’s storyline was just mild interference because it was too important to care for something else. And yet, in HTGAWM, the main storyline is more powerful than we could ask and yet there’s still room for something else. That’s amazing. Everything is so connected, I really feel like Annalise is a strong and yet fragile Queen in a chess game and she’s moving carefully her pawns without them knowing it. But the other team is pretty strong and they are fully aware of how dangerous Annalise Keating can be. I really enjoy that. I really like smart shows. But back to the actual episode. The moment between Laurel and Frank, not touching but watching each other at the end was surprisingly sweet. And at this point, I don’t want to really think why I’m feeling that way when I should be disgusted. I’m feeling a bit disappointed that Annalise made Nate fall for her. He’s the best person, he has motive and opportunity but I didn’t think that she would be that cold. The face of Nate (congrats to Billy Brown) when he hears that he is charged for murder said everything. Oh, I didn’t talk about Bonnie. Bonnie is such an inconvenience that she should keep a low profile if she doesn’t want to have an accident. Accident are happening so often. But seriously, she is so blind in her twisted love for Sam that she won’t hesitate to long to choose between the students and her dead lover.

Brilliant. Amazing. Awesome. I don’t know how long the show will be, but right now, it’s pretty much the best of  TV.


Strong parts:

– Way too good. The actors are brilliant. The characters are brilliant. I love them all. (Except Bonnie. Bonnie screws everything)

– Connor, would you marry me? (you can see how objective I am today).


Weak parts:

– Seriously, at this point, all the tiny details don’t count.



Scandal, Gladiators Don’t Run, 04×12

I’m a bit torn about this episode. Some parts were really great, like the last two episodes and some, well, I feel like we are going back to all the things that made the season 3 so bad. I’m so over Olivia’s parents that he really pissed me off to see Mama Pope again. I guess her ex-husband will follow closely and I don’t get it. I mean, I understand that they want to keep the super villains for a long time but I don’t even know how they are not dead by now. So I’m probably not objective but I cannot stand them anymore. Another one that I have trouble with, and I’m sad actually, is Huck. I kinda like the borderline guy, enable to control himself sometimes, but the way he is speaking, the way he is acting start to get annoying. And I love Guillermo Diaz, so really I hope it won’t be a recurrence. I’m not really excited to know who bought Olivia cause I’m pretty sure that it’s her father and I can’t see his smirk anymore. But I’m interested in Mellie. She doesn’t push Fitz away anymore and actually speak to him. The phrase « we sleep better when she’s in the middle of the bed » was golden. She knows perfectly that Fitz won’t ever love her like he loves Olivia and that’s okay now because she has a goal, a dream, something that she will fight hard to get : take her husband’s place in the Oval Office. And knowing Mellie she won’t fight fair. And of course I’m behind her. She’s the character that went to hell, grow up and took care of things the most during these four seasons and she is still here, still strong. I really love this character. In the darkest moments, she’s like Felicity in Arrow, she’s the only reason I keep watching the show. Cyrus is still trying to control a game he lost long ago, Fitz is just a puppet so except Olivia and Mellie, the only other character that stood up in this episode was Abby during her monologue in David’s office. I think we forget a lot that she’s Liv’s best friend and that even if she’s working for the White House, she’ll always be a Gladiator.

Great and so not great, I’ll wait to see how they are planning to unfold the story but the show is too inconsistent to be a favorite.

Strong parts:

– The relationship between Mellie and Fitz. I don’t really know how we end up like this, but I like it.

– Mellie finally admitting out loud what her ambition is was fantastic. You go girl!

– The old Abby is starting to reappear and it’s a great news.

Weak parts:

– Huck was actually so weird, it made me uncomfortable to watch.

– Why does Mama Pope (and probably Papa Pope) be in the picture again and again? I mean, it’s been way too long. Let it go.

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