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It’s been something like 8 years that I’m following Grey’s and I never been more bored and close to quit on it than between September and December. And I never loved more the show than the last 3 months. So my opinion of this season tenth is seventy good thirty bad I guess.

But right now, after watching the season finale I’m an emotional wreck. Completely different from the finale of Castle or The Blacklist (angry for the first, excited for the second). It wasn’t even half the drama that we expect from a finale of Grey’s. I mean, nobody died! But the departure of Cristina is terrible for me. She was my favorite character from the beginning of the show and even after all these years, one of my favorites, every shows counted. And I’m really glad that she had all these episodes for her and that she’s still somewhere and maybe be able to come back for a particular case or something but still, it won’t be the same.

Cristina Yang, played by a Sandra Oh amazing for so long, was such a driven character, fierce, strong, with her convictions but also her weakness. She was always one of the most interesting character, her frienship with Meredith is one of the most beautiful in the history of TV shows and both her relationships with Burke and Owen were challenging and helped here growing up. I’ll have four months to get over the fact that we won’t hear more of her sarcasm, sassyness, arrogance, good advice and bossiness.

Obviously I was already emotional when I heard that it was Cristina voice who were doing the off voice even if I should have expect it and the images just after the title of the show I had my tissues ready. The episode was really great, more intense with the threat of an act of terrorism and the rush at the hospital.

I loved how Owen and April took care of the E.R as soon as they heard the news, it made me think of how April changed since she arrived and I really like who she became, self assured (not yet on her marriage but it takes time). For the couples :

Jolex : They are no so much of them since Alex left the hospital and I miss it, Jo was almost invisible in this episode and I loved Alex/Cristina working together one last time. It really hits me that for so long it had been Cristina-Meredith-Alex, the three of them indestructibles even after everything that happened in the past. Only Cristina and Mer could have make Alex doubt his decision to leave for a private clinic. The gesture of Yang to give him her seat on the board was huge for someone like Alex, so angry and loney for so long and found friendship and love at the hospital. I would have been thrilled if I didn’t know that Bailey is going to be crushed. But I’m so glad for Alex.

Japril : Everything’s fine with them, they look forward to be parents and forgot all the stuff that tear them apart. I guess that they will have their second honeymoon phase and then the troubles will be back but it’s nice to have them in love like that. The talk between Katerine and April was sweet, if she wasn’t thrilled by the wedding she seems to be happy to be a grand mother soon.

About Katerine and Richard : It doesn’t seem that they are getting closer but maybe the news that Richard gets at the end of the episode will make him wants/needs to talk to someone and it’s probable that this person will be Katerine.

Crowen : They had their shot but even if they were perfect for each other they never had the same dreams about the future and it was impossible to stay together and even if it’s over for a long time their goodbyes were going to be tough. And it was actually quite sweet. Cristina is not the kind to cry and being awkward (her goodbye to Derek was weird though) and the fact that the last time they see each other is wordless and not even close in the O.R was good and beautiful. They both need to move on. It was a great couple.

Merder : Trouble in paradise. It’s been forever since this couple was okay. And while Meredith is back to be quite interesting, Derek is sinking and this couple is the most boring one. So I’m glad that the next season is going to be tense between the two of them. Derek always thought that he was a better surgeon and that his career was more important and I’m glad that Mer stands up for what she wants.

Bailey and Ben : Their scene was really sweet and I love them both but it’s going to be hard for Bailey if she doesn’t get the seat. I loved how Cristina hugged her, both allergic to human contact. Bailey and Richard trained her and teached her and it was great to see that respect.

Calzona : They are going to take a surrogate mother and have another baby ! I’m so happy for them and they better have their happy ending.

For the single one, Ross is going with Cristina and it’s great, I never manage to get attached to this character, same for Leah. Steph was not very present either on that episode, we’ll see what the writers’ll do with her.

I think I’ll love this new chief of cardio and I thought that we would learn more of her in the next season but the bomb was yesterday. She’s the daughter of Ellis Grey and Richard Werber and it’s not going to be smooth… I don’t know how I feel about it. How could Ellis’ husband, Richard and even Little Mer never knew that she was pregnant? Or is she lying and looking for money or something? It might be good even if the family of Meredith is officially completely crazy…

My favorite part of the episode was the dance of Mer and Cristina which was perfect. And the fact that after telling in subtext to Alex to come back to the hospital, Cristina tells Meredith (after telling her to mock Alex at least once every day) that she needs to follow her own dream, « He’s very dreamy but he’s not the sun. You are. » was one of my favorite line ever. Oh God, I need a tissue.

Thanks to the cast, crew and writers, you did good for this season and you did brilliant with this farewell. I’ll see you in the fall !

Strong parts:

– I’m so glad that after ten season one of the leaving character, and what a character, had a proper farewell. I’ll miss you Cristina Yang!

– I’m so glad that MerDer has issues again, they were so boring especially Derek

– Mertina talk and dance

Weak parts:

– I look forward for the « I’m the daugther of Ellis Grey and Richard Werber » as much as I think that Meredith already discovered that she had an half sister (from her father) and we all know how it ended.

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