TV Show Review: Grey’s Anatomy, Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right, 10×23

grey's anatomy

(Spoiler alert for the episode)

Like all the episodes of the second part of this season, it was a great episode. Not unforgettable, but good. The drama is back with Calzona and Bailey.

We were waiting for it, the moment when Bailey was going to tell the patients of her patient that she gave him the treatment without their consent and it was going to be bad. And it was for a bit but the writers were chicken and let Steph saved the situation. It would have been interesting to see Bailey fight more. Maybe in court like Callie did in November. I mean, I’m happy that she’s out of trouble, there are already to many changes at the end of the season to lose Bailey but the built up was so long compared to what happened there.

I’m glad for Japril happiness but again, I’m not sure it’s going to last. Now there are ecstatic about the pregnancy but the same issues will rise again and they are going to fight again. And on the other hand, the perfect couple Callie and Arizona cannot have another baby because of the car accident that they had during Callie first pregnancy. Seriously sad over this. And we don’t have Jolex scene anymore, that’s not right with me.

Cristina is perfect again, even if she’s less in the spotlight than the last two episodes. Her interviews of potential replacements for cardio were awesome and even if I don’t like when Owen and her are together I liked the fact that they can say goodbye to each other.

For the intern parts, I start to like a bit Ross, it’s strange as he won’t be there next season, Leah is fired and it’s a Yay for me, I don’t see what she brings to the show so it’s cool, Steph will have the support of Bailey for her lifetime so she pretty much can stop worrying… for everything. And I thought Jo was stronger than that, having urticaria because of stress doesn’t really go with the strong kid/teenage who had to live in the streets and survive. I know that it’s her future but her image was more badass when she was introduced.

Meredith and Derek… I don’t know about them. I don’t really care about them when they are together and they get interesting when Derek is with Callie and when Mer is with Cristina or Alex. So as the two lasts aren’t around much now and not in the future I don’t know what to do with them. It’s been to long for them to not having couple problems. I guess the fact that Derek wants to go to D.C is going to change that.

So I guess Alex is going to come back at the hospital pretty soon but what will happen next week to keep Derek and Meredith? I’m so not prepared for another season finale ‘I kill few people’. Because the actor playing Ross is also leaving the show while everything’s going great for him. I saw the promo about the act of terrorism so I guess it will be the answer but I guess that I’ll have to prepare tissues.

Strong parts:

– Cristina high five to Bailey, Japril talking nonsense in front of Callie, the stress of the interns, it was fun.

– Cristina telling a surgeon that he won’t win an Harper Avery was really good.

-Bailey gave a hug to someone else than her husband!


Weak parts:

– Why can you not let Calzona be happy Shonda??

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