TV Show Review: Grey’s Anatomy, Change of Heart, 10×21


I have troubles thinking about the fact that Grey’s started 10 years ago. I mean, I was 11 for God’s sake. It was one of the first shows that I followed and with up and down, tears and laughs I always loved it. And I had my favorite: Cristina, Karev, Lexie and Arizona. And now, with Sandra Oh departure it feels special. I know that I’ll still watch the show but it will never be the same. At least Cristina won’t die as so many did in the previous seasons and we will have a proper farewell for the character but still… I just cannot really care about the others when there is so little of the sassy/brilliant/narcissical Yang. And because of the mention of Farewell to Cristina was on the promo of last week I thought that this episode was her last. But no, with the return of Burke (I mean, no, seriously, you thought that it was a great idea after 7 years?) she still gonna get the spotlight for a little while.

About the episode, it was a great one. I hope that the plot with the family with the three sick kids (well, two now) is over, as I don’t really watch the show for the medical stuff it’s alaways heavier when a case lasts for few episodes and obviously stuff don’t go well for these patients. Cristina did great but the lose of the Harper Avery for political reasons is heavy on her. I really like the story of this end of the season, farewell to Cristina, the problems between April and Jackson, the happiness of Merder and Calzona,…

I don’t really know that they are doing with Karev but let me tell you something, I’m absolutely not okay if we don’t see him as much as we do. I can’t lose both of my favorite characters at the end of this season. About Japril, even if I love this couple it was obvious that they are so different that their wedding was going to be complicated. But I don’t think April’s pregnancy is going to pull them apart, on the contrary. Jackson was already ready to take that step a year ago or so.

Merder were really cute, I loved the « The kids broke your sister » comment but except that, they are pretty useless. Meredith without her person next season will be more entertaining. The ones that I really liked also on that episode was the confrontation between Richard and Catherine about the Harper Avery issue and the saddest proposal ever and the decision of Bailey. There is no doubt that she will injecting her stuff in the little boy and will have to deal with the consequences and I’m looking forward to it.

I guess I’ll take about it more after Thursday episode but I’m so pissed off about Burke’s return. I find it utterly annoying. But I can’t help to think that one of the most amazing actress’s scene of this last decade was the moment when he left Cristina at the altar. Made me love her character since them. I mean, she had lost her eyebrow for that ceremony, jerk.


Strong parts:

– Sandra Oh performance, again

– Richard non proposal, heartbreaking


Weak parts:

– It’s not a weak part itself, I just don’t want Sandra Oh to leave.




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