TV Show Review : Gotham, The Balloonman, 1×03

TV Show Gotham

I still think that the show has so much potential and yet doesn’t fully exploit it. It has everything, Batman’s universe is so diverse and can touch so many people, there are some fantastic actors for younger versions of iconic heroes and villains, the city itself (building, streets, atmosphere) is a success and yet, I don’t fully engage with it. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know the spark isn’t there.

So, this week we had a lovely meeting with a vigilante who decided to take down some famous faces who were corrupted and to kill them found that an air balloon is very efficient to kill people as the weapon and the body are in space. Slight problem, after a while, the balloon explodes and the body crashes (and it’s disgusting) to the pavement. Turns out that the guy from social service wants to show Gotham that its inhabitants cannot trust the police. When you see the amount of body in three episodes, you kinda agree.

Speaking of social service, Selina is okay to give some information to Gordon about the murder of the Waynes but doesn’t like to be played. After offering a nice time in the sewers to the Detective she just disappears. I like her.

About the Penguin, he is losing his mind more and more everyday and decides that after a week or so out of Gotham, why not come back and being all visible ? Sure, great idea, pal. But to do so, he needs to kill everybody who recognize him/is beneficial to him or just piss him off. The trail of body is starting to be important. I didn’t think that he would be back so soon and I was even more surprised to see him on Gordon’ steps at the end of the episode. Although, I’m impatient to know how Jim is going to react then.


I’m already starting to feel tired about Mooney and Falcone, they are just talking to talk, no actions, no plot, nothing.


It wasn’t bad but it was as good as Madam Secretary or Sleepy Hollow. And I haven’t seen the Blacklist yet. When I think about how long Agents of SHIELD took to be a decent show I’m more than willing to wait to see Gotham really takes off.

Strong parts :

– The moral dilemma of Gordon.

– The Penguin is fantastically creepy and dangerous.

– The Bruce’s part is interesting.


Weak parts :

– The opening scene with the air balloon. Why ?

– Still not that strong. We’re talking about the foundation of a show right now and it’s seems that it’s a bit weak.


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