TV Show Review : Gotham, Selina Kyle, 1×02

TV Show Gotham

Second episode of the show always allow to see more about the real rhythm and I enjoyed more this episode even if I’m still not a fan of Ben playing Gordon and that the script is far from perfect.

This episode, untitled Selina Kyle, was the occasion to NOT know a bit better of… Selina Kyle. Go figure. Anyway, we still see her quite a lot. So, Selina is the young Catwoman for the ones not too familiar with Batman. And as she’s, for now, the actress that I like the most in the show, I spent a great time. Selina… I mean Cat, don’t want to get scratch, has the amazing ability to live in a city of millions of inhabitants and yet to always be at the wrong place, or the right one depending on the point of view I guess. First she saw Bruce’s parents get killed and now she’s on the same street as the kids getting abducted by two of the weirdest freaks I’ve seen. I guess I was a bit disappointed to know that the villain there was the Dollmaker as we saw quite a bit of him in Arrow this year. It felt a bit recycled. But the psychopath is not captured so we might see a different narrative arc with him later on.

I guess that I enjoyed more this episode because of the Penguin. Even if there isn’t so many scenes, he is the one stealing the show. In one week he went from smart/terrified/snitch/weirdo guy to a psychopath murderer and completely crazy guy. I can’t even imagine in few weeks if it keeps escalating !

It’s great to see Alfred/Bruce and Gordon interacting, I think that the only thing that fills the statement that Gotham was not like the other super-hero shows. Because other than that, it’s pretty much everything we’ve seen a thousand times.

About Cat, because it’s still the title of the episode, even if we don’t know about her back story and why she’s on the streets, we could see that you better not mess with her. A guy without eyes can approve. Already highly manipulative, resourceful and pretty much fearless (take some lessons, Bruce), we can see how she’s going to become the mortal Catwoman.

Two actors saved the episode and let’s say that it’s because it’s the beginning and the show needs to take its marks and finds a great rhythm. Let’s hope that the writers step up their game as well.


Strong parts :

– Camren Bicondova (Cat) and Robin Taylor (Oswald) are doing a fantastic job.

– The glimpses of relationship between Alfred and Bruce.

– I hope that the idea of reopen Arkam will be on the show.

Weak parts :

– The script is sometimes completely off.

– I don’t know the why of Harvey and Mooney. One is lazy as fuck and the other one seems there only to get the plot moving.

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