TV Show Review: Gotham, Rogues’ Gallery, 1×11

TV Show Gotham

We left Gordon in December entering the dark Asylum of Arkam and we find him there, surrounding by crazies and lunatics, trying to not kill someone himself in boredom.  I don’t think that will ever be a fan of the character of Gordon the way he is in this show, but because I don’t like so much the actor doesn’t mean that I don’t like the turn the character is taking. It’s great to be able to already explore Arkam and most importantly we get introduced to new characters. After the never ending introduction of all the characters in the first two episodes we didn’t get to see much of new and lasting people. So it is great to see Dr Thompkins been introduced. It is even better when I saw that it was Morena Baccarin that was playing the Doctor. I never watched Homeland but with her two roles of femme fatale in Firefly and Mentalist, I just love to see her and I hope that she’s here to stay. I’ll rather have Gordon date her than seeing Barbara. Speaking of her, she is even more annoying now that she’s not with him than before. I didn’t know it was possible, so kudos to that.

Except for Arkam, we had a storyline from Mooney, trying to find back-up to take down Falcone, the Penguin, half-caught by Maroni and trown for a day in jail, Harvey being nice because he misses Jim (It was weird…) and Ivy being installed by Kat in Jim and Barbara’s old flat. So there were a lot of things. I’m not sure it was necessary to dump all these things in 42 minutes, there are no rush (plus, the show had been renewed for a second season, and that was a given) so they have plenty of time to develop intelligently different storylines. And yet, they chose to go as fast as a pilot in this episode.

I like the fact that for once we have a villain that will come back with Jack Gruger, the psycho neurosurgeon who created some kind of zombie. Even if they dumped on us all these characters, there are a lot of mythology to build yet.

There are always really great idea in Gotham but it feels like they don’t go all the way in. Like, they have this idea and then they have this other idea and so they have two non-finished ideas and they put them both in an episode, not caring that we could enjoy something a bit more elaborated.

For example, it was obvious that Butch wasn’t going to betray Mooney, so you don’t show it, or you actually surprise the viewer and he does betray her (even for a short period). I didn’t see the point in three scenes while the outcome was so predictable.

The thing that I love the most was the fact that I really thought that it was the nurse that was experimenting on the patients while she was herself deprived of her brain. It was a great twist.

I’m really happy about how Arkam was shown and the « main plot » of this episode but it was like a messy fireworks, and everything was so different a minute from another that I didn’t enjoying as much as I think I would at the beginning of the episode.

Strong parts:

– Being in Arkam didn’t change Jim but the others around him and it is an interesting direction.

– Arkam is amazing. The lunatics are such a messy group.

– Morena Baccarin. She won a place in my girl crush list for forever since Firefly.

Weak parts:

– They were stories in so many fronts it was complicated to really follow everything with the same interest.

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