TV Show Review : Gotham, Pilot

TV Show Gotham

New show of FOX, Gotham is an adaptation (and not the first) of the past of Bruce Wayne, the before Batman but we won’t see the young Bruce becoming the night. This show is about Gordon, how he is going to keep his soul and fight the corruption and the crime in Gotham while we get introduced to the future enemies of Batman, the Penguin, Ivy and Catwoman.

I’m more a Marvel girl than a D.C Comics one so I’m not really familiar with the background of Batman. The only thing that I know are from the trilogy of Nolan and the Justice League I watched on Sunday mornings as a child. So I’m not an expert and it’s not the kind of story that I’m directly drawn to. But as a decent TV shows addict I need to watch the biggest number possible of new shows and it was part of it.

I was quite surprised to see that the show is  created by Bruno Heller who is still the show-runner of Mentalist (even if it’s the last episodes this year). It’s the only tie to the procedural show even if Gordon is a detective. I thought that the show would be more darker, I like what I saw of the city itself, there’s a great atmosphere and there’s already some really good characters. Unfortunately, I’m not at all impressed by Ben McKenzie as Gordon but I loved the way the Penguin and the young Selina are portrayed. The two of them already made sure that I’ll be there for the season.

It’s not a bad pilot, far from it, and my disappointment comes mainly from the fact that it was a FOX show and that they could go so much deeper into the darkness. Maybe it will, I felt that there were a lot of fan service to attract the most of viewers and as a pilot the rhythm is off and everything’s going too fast and there’s already so many characters it was hard to follow sometimes.

Too soon to say if it’s going to be a hit or a miss, it’s not a disaster at all, so let’s see in a few weeks where the writers will take us.


Strong parts :

– The Penguin, Selina Kyne, the young Bruce, Mooney, there is a large bunch of really good characters (and the actors are awesome)

– The city itself


Weak parts :

– The realisation is far from A+

– I’m not a fan of the actor for Gordon, too bad he is the main character

– Go deep FOX, show us the evil of Gotham.

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