TV Show Review : Gotham, Arkham, 1×04

TV Show Gotham

I don’t know if it’s me but I was disappointed by the Blacklist already today and Gotham didn’t do better. I don’t know what they are doing with the rhythm but it’s not good. It feels like the episode lasts forever. We have the promise of a war and we see the premises of it but at this point FOX must be thrilled to have a full season to do so. Everything seems forced : Gordon has to see Bruce because he’s the future Batman but that’s all (the young actor is good by the way, as he is not helped by the dialogue), Barbara needs to complicate Gordon’s life because we need an endangered relationship, Mooney has to be here because, well, I didn’t figure this one out. Etc. I was referring as a chess game in a previous review, and I still believe so but it’s like all the paws are in place and yet the big guns are not moving. At some point, they are going to shake all this city.

What I really like in Gotham is the photography. I find the city, the police station, all the architecture and visuals really well-made. The Arkham Asylum is fantastic. It really looks like something we could see on Batman : The Dark Knight. So, the visuals are really exceptional. Now, they could work on the script.

Since the beginning, it’s mostly politicians who are getting killed but, while last week we had a « fun » aspect of the murder with the balloon, this week it was an hitman and there weren’t anything outstanding about it. The fight between the killer and Gordon was pretty well executed but I still don’t think that Gordon and Harvey are a team. There is also a huge problem of consistency. You cannot go from a guy sending people into the stratosphere and a guy killing by stabbing people in the eye in one week.

I love the Penguin, he’s the only character that I like to see (with Selina mostly) but seriously? Does someone has the number of people killed since the first episodes ? After the bare-hand violence, the arms and everything, he decided to kill with poisoned canolli this week.. I mean, Gordon doesn’t even get that he’s played by Oswald and that he is climbing into the mafia and building the mythology that we know in Batman.

I want to go back about the fact that FOX ordered a full season. The creative team and the producers didn’t want it and had thought to do max. 16 episodes. Since the scripts aren’t that good, I’m really worried that the end of the season is going to be rushed because they will have to fill 6 more episodes. I understand FOX, it’s the only new show watched on the network, but if they don’t find a way to improve the show, it’s going to be a looong season.

I don’t condemn the show, there is time to improvement but I’m going to watch Sleepy Hollow to cheer me up. (You can’t go wrong with Tom Mison).

Strong parts :

– The war between Falcone and Maroni is near.

– The Arkham Asylum : amazing !

– The Penguin

Weak parts :

– Everything is moving, sure, but it is so slow.

– The Barbara/Gordon fight. If I want a crappy love story I go on CW, not FOX.

– The search of a young talent by Mooney, completely useless.

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