TV Show Review : Goodbye Cougar Town

Cougar Town

It was on TBS for few seasons. They were doing about 3 millions of viewers each week. This little bunch of alcoholic people without any real jobs, completely out of the world made me smile for six seasons. So it’s a thanks you review to the Cul-de-Sac crew.

Courteney Cox found a new group of friends to hang out with even more than in the cult show. She literally lives in her kitchen, a massive glass/vase of wine in her hand.

Cougar Town… The unfortunate title that became a running joke for five of the six seasons is already something to look forward in every episode. The credits are awful, but every episode, they found a funny way to distract us about the fact that the name never showed what the show was about. I’m absolutely loved that they changed it for the last episode. It’s probably not funny or relevant for somebody who never watched the show but just these few words made me smile like an insane person. I always thought that the writers of the show are genuinely funny. Insane, yes, but damn funny as well. They create so much running gags in these six seasons, the show became one giant repetition after another. It was over the top, completely unrealistic, bizarre and yet, pretty much always fun. It was even sweet sometimes.

I often saw the flash of astonishment when I was telling my friends that I loved the show.  Most of them didn’t finish the first season or were just telling « meh, it’s okay ». Sure, it won’t make history but it was fun. Baffling at times and not necessary at the top of its game during the 102 episodes but I was always glad to see there were a new season. Now, I’m glad it’s over because the story was told, the characters grew up (a bit) and six seasons is pretty cool for a show.

Penny Can, Big Chuck, « Change approved », the Cul-de-Sac crew, Tom behind the window, Bobby’s boat, Ellie’s legendary sassiness,… after six seasons, I felt that the show was a giant private joke between the writers/characters and the audience. Try to explain to someone who never saw an episode the show… You cannot. You cannot just say « It’s about a woman who loves too hard and who eat only wine and who wants to take care of her friends and family but she’s a bit crazy and her life is a bit crazy but it’s so funny and… ». Yeah, it just doesn’t work. But still, it was working. These little seven (and half, we cannot forget Creepy!Tom) fuckers found a little place in my life.

About the actors, nothing exceptional, but it’s still a great comedy and I think it’s important to remember how difficult it is to make another person laugh. Repeatedly. Courteney is doing the job, I didn’t know Christa Miller but she has one of the best Bitchy Resting Face of the game and the others were good enough to made us belive. Nothing fantastic but they did the job.

Cougar Town was the kind of show full of trivial little things. And I’m saying that as a compliment. It never made me rush to the new episode, I didn’t really care if I was a week or two behind or if one of the characters was going to a crisis because he never happened. They had their « difficulties » but seriously, everyone would love their life. It was these little things, the love of a mother, the incredible bromance, the nerdiness and the awkwardness of some, the rituals and the time that flies but nobody really cares. It was the show to watch in your bed, on a Sunday afternoon, to smile and feel good.

Strong parts:

– Ellie’s my spirit animal

– The fun of the episodes

– They made us (at least me) watch for six seasons without any really plot, suspense or dramatic effect. Well done.


Weak parts:

– As a non-English native speaker, I had to have subtitles to understand everything. It’s one of the many shows that I cannot watch without it, mostly because of the character of Bobby but there were so many pun related to the English language that I couldn’t follow everything.


(P.S: I feel like there is so much more than I could say or modify but I still have a torn muscle and I’m pretty out of it).

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