TV Show Review: Empire, The Devils are Here, 2×01 and Without a Country, 2×02

lucious lyon and cookie fight for empire

So Empire, one of my favorite show last season is back and it’s pretty everything I was expecting! The Lyon family is going to give us some great drama in this second season…

About this first episode:

So, we left in May with Vermon betraying Lucious and sending him in prison for the murder of Bunkie. Too bad, Vermon is killed by  Rhonda and with Andre they cover his murder. Meanwhile, Jamal got the Graal and become the new heir of Empire. Saying that Cookie, Andre, Hakeem and Anika are pissed off is the understatement of the year.

The season 2 starts 3 months after the events of the finale, Lucious is still in prison but he’s pretty much the King so there’s worse situation. Cookie is planning a hostile takeover with Andre, Hakeem and Anika (I mean, the moment they’re coming to Empire, the four of them, with the hip-hop music was epic, short-lived, but epic) and Jamal is already near a massive breakdown.

I was surprised that they used as much as they did the Black Lives Matter. If someone understood why Cookie was in gorilla costume please tell me, but that was the only WTF moment. This concert was also the chance for Cookie to bring a potential investor to take the company from Lucious, Mimi who fucked (literally Anika) and figuratively Cookie by joining Jamal and ruin their plans. Too bad, that was so close. True soap opera style but with more in it.

If the situation is juicy on the outside, on the inside, Lucious is dealing with a lot as well. Chris Rock, thanks you for coming, you didn’t last mate, but it was fun. More than his power in the prison, the all situation with the drug dealer served to show us that Lucious is still in love with Cookie and that even if she tried to kill him (big deal to me), he still have feelings for her.

I really was taken aback by the new attitude of Jamal, power is too attractive. Hakeem is still blissfully unaware of everything except that he wanted to have Empire and now he doesn’t have it so he’s pouting. To Andre is the end of everything and Cookie, she created Empire, she can creates something else.

That was an awesome episode and when I see that the show did 2 millions in Live + 3days,… it’s going to be epic!


What I loved:

– Lucious is on fire!

– Dark!Jamal is interesting, it’s going to be fun to see him hit rock bottom.


What I disliked:

– The songs were as powerful as I thought for a first episode.


About the second episode:

I thought it was even better. First, I really like how the show includes songs and the ones from this episode were longer and better. Lucious’ and Jamal’s tracks will be soon in my playlist. If war was declared last week, now the battles start! I still have troubles with this version of Jamal, I find him a bit OOC because he cannot foget how Lucious treated him all his life and in 2 months he’s a completely different person. But I never had that much power and money so I guess it’s a logical evolution. I still cannot image Jamal being ever as cold, heartless and manipulative as his father. Even in jail, the guy can drop a mean track though. The confrontation with Ludacris was very sudden, the guard came out of nowhere (but with a little help of a certain prosecutor) but it went to the point. It was a great reminder that Lucious is the king, he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty himself, people come to him (obviously hoping for something after but still). I’m just regretting that Ludracis part was so short-lived. I didn’t expect Lucious to be free as quickly as they chose to.

Between Lucious, Jamal and Thirsty who won’t leave their side, I don’t see how anybody will be able to resist Empire. The lawyer’s trick to get Lucious out of jail could have been so predictable and yet I really didn’t think that they could go there. It was so wrong and in the same time, perfectly right for the universe were Lucious lives. I guess that the prosecutor might be the only threat, but a powerful one, in the future.

About the rest of the Lyons, Andre joins the opposition after the failed takeover but cannot stay away from Empire for long. The scene between him and Lucious in the visiting room… I don’t care about Andre but it was still heartbreaking. Lucious hated Jamal, loved Hakeem but was always indifferent of Andre. And that’s the worst thing possible. We thought that it was because he didn’t have the talent of the rest of his family but the flashback show a deeper layer. Was it Lucious’mother? Did she was bipolar like Andre? Anyway, another burn-out is waiting the expecting father. Speaking of baby, Rhonda was once more so good. She might not be as good as Cookie but she can hold her own. She’s Andre’s best asset and she’ll do anything to have the power. The white pawn might be a queen soon.

Now, Cookie and Hakeem.. These two are going to know what hell really means and it’s going to be spectacular. Taraji is blowing my mind, she’s so good, even better than during season 1. I’m just loving her scenes so much. Hakeem is a lost cause (a charming one) and I don’t know if I want to hug him and slap him to be so naïve, « innocent » and spoiled. Oh and reckless. The leak of the album was golden but I can’t wait to see the consequences of his act. I’m not sure that Daddy will appreciate the move.

I literally cannot wait to see the battle between Empire and the Lyon Dynasty. They won’t all survive.


What I loved:

– The songs

– Jamal and Cookie scene was perfect in every ways.


What I disliked:

– No such thing. But, seven days? :(

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