TV Show Review: Castle, XY, 8×01


After a long period of time without knowing if and how we would have a new season of Castle, the procedural show is back without an action packed episode. (And big spiders.)

Alright, it’s been few months since I’ve written something here so I’m a bit rusty. But at least I start again with Castle and a very interesting beginning of the season. First, I might say that I was surprised to see « so much » of Beckett because I really thought that we would be more in the dark and that we would not see her and maybe at the end. I don’t know what’s going on but we still keep tracks of her. So yay for Stana, her hairporn, her smile and her fantastic outfit.

So, about the episode itself. I liked the dramatic aspect, how they are once again in the dark about one half of their couple and that their trust is tested. I think it’s going to really take all its power during the second parter, it will fill the blank, show another point of view. Right now we have some beautiful pieces of puzzle and I can’t wait to see the full picture. The fights were well choreograph, especially the one between Hayley and the really sexy lady with the green dress (did we had her name?) and the locations were they filmed were on point. I’m a bit tired to get two-parter to start the season but this one is one of my favorite. I can’t wait to understand more about what is going on and what the new writers, producers and crew will show us this year!

What I didn’t understand was the rush. Not about the « case » but about the characters. First we have Ryan who is just telling that Jenny is pregnant again like he would talk about the weather so it doesn’t seem like we’ll see much of this storyline except for the money issue. Second we have Alexis. I love the character and I’m glad that the writers realized she was a grown-up and that she could start acting like one in her attitude, clothing and authority. But I feel like when we left her in Season 7 she was just a freshman in college, in the shadow of her father, without really any knowledge of real life and suddenly she has a new haircut and a new wardrobe and she’s a P.I? I don’t know how I feel about Castle and Alexis working together because it is something that I never thought about. I never thought that Castle would have allowed it but I’m not against it, I’m just thinking that it was too fast. But I’m all for badass!Alexis.

There weren’t much screen time for Caskett but the mere minutes that we had were amazing. I hope that the goal of the crew is to really keep Caskett at the center of the show and show us the incredible chemistry of these two human beings. (Well, hopefully Stana and Nathan can work together one more season). Speaking of them, they are now both producers of the show! I knew about Stana, but I didn’t see the news about Nathan. So, well, we’ll see how it’ll play out. I guess this new fancy P.I office (which is totally awesome was more easily accepted).

I don’t know, well no, I don’t understand how every time a new character, strangely a sexy woman, arrives in the show there’s so much drama. Hayley is going to be so sassy and badass, it will add so much to the cases! It’s funny how the fans can’t trust the love Castle and Beckett have for each other. I mean, did we not see how Castle would rather die than being away from Beckett? So yeah he will be excited because he’s a 9-year-old-on-a-sugar-rush and she’s the shiny new woman but that’s all. I am sure that Caskett will have its down but it will come from inside the couple more than from the British investigator. And I think that I’m already developing a crush on Toks.

Oh, and can I say: 3 kisses and 1 I love you in one episode? That must be a first! Thanks you universe for Caskett goodness!

Overall, it was a very powerful first episode with great intensity and a lot of mystery. It was going a bit faster that I was comfortable about but I guess we have to make some concessions. I’ll look forward to this second parter, hurry Monday!


What I loved:

– Wow, so many things happened! And it was pretty serious and well executed!

– Hayley (Toks Olagundoye) is going to be so good for the show.

– I’m glad they didn’t take Bracken’s way, too obvious and way too Season 6.

– They’re back! I don’t know how the season will play but I’ll try to trust the writers and the cast as much as possible to give us the best season they can.


What I disliked:

– The 5 first minutes were a blur. Way too much information and it was hard to process everything. I don’t have ads to pause!

– I don’t understand how the writers decided to cut off Penny/Gates as harshly as they did. They could have shown her promotion and her goodbyes to the team, wishing good luck to Kate,… There’s a mention of the former captain and now that Gates was almost a part of the team I thought that it was not enough. We’ll miss you Penny!

– I like this new direction with Alexis but it’s way too brutal. I mean, at the beginning of the episode I was thinking « maybe it’s happening a year or so after the event of the season finale but no. So, it was a bit too much, too soon.

– You can show me these spiders at this time of the day. Or at any time of the day. I’m not afraid but I was feeling for Castle and Nathan’s pretty face.


So, I’m off to work. Please tell me what you thought of this episode and comment below!

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