TV Show Review: Castle, XX, 8×02


So… I feel like maybe I should wait a bit before writing this because I literally just finished the episode and my head and my heart are not getting along right now but I have work in an hour so let’s do this.

We knew that this episode would be heavily dramatic. But I wasn’t expecting so much of it. I need to make a short list:

– Because of a search on Bracken two years ago, Beckett put in jeopardy all her former colleagues at the A.G office. They are all dead. She is not because she’s the best.

– Bracken (Dead, dead Bracken) had a partner, an analyst at the CIA who helped him cover his tracks to become Senator. Now the guy is tying up loose ends.

– Castle has the coolest office ever and he needs to show it (but that was awesome).

– Beckett is still not free of her demons (will she ever be?) and all these talks about marriage, kids and all are not tempting enough to live with Castle instead of pursuing a ghost.

– The son-of-a-bitch indeed knew better than Castle. And it hurt my heart a little.

– LokSat is the new « Bracken killed my mom ». Let’s all jump on the train.


I don’t follow all the spoilers articles during the hiatus because half of them are pure speculation and I miss almost the rest of them. But I did see that Beckett and Castle weren’t going to be together professionally, because she’s the Captain and he was going to play with his toys. But I really didn’t believe when it was written that they were splitting up. And I know there are not really. And maybe this separation won’t last long, maybe it is just for the kick of the suspense but at some point, the perfect couple won’t be the perfect couple anymore. More than Castle’s, who will keep taking Beckett back even if she kills his family, I can’t wait to see Alexis’ and Martha’s reactions. And Lanie’s, Esposito’s and Ryan’s as well. She betrayed them so often, I know she’s worth a lot but maybe at some point it will be too much. Well, we’ll see how it will play next week.

About the episode itself, that was one of the best. The show is really good at drama, mystery and suspense. It has so much more to offer than being a simple procedural show but I guess it is easier to make and that they don’t have the means to do episodes like these two so often. Anyway, between Kate stitching herself with a needle and vodka, Castle step-mom saving the day, dead Bracken (yep, not over with), Sassy!Toks, ‘I »m using expensive gadgets to take the bad guy down » and this « I can’t be with you even if I married you and I love you because I’m obsessed by everything and when everything is gone I find something else to be obsessed with »… That’s a lot for 42 minutes.

I don’t really mind Beckett leaving the loft, it’s not like Stana and Nathan have a lot of chemistry left but I don’t see why her character, a highly intelligent NYPD Captain would think that her husband, her partner of eight years would be safer if she’s not living with him than if she was. Does she think that Castle would be less leverage? (Or Martha and Alexis?) Girl, you love the man, if he’s in danger you’ll go save him so why not enjoying your nights with him instead of thinking that you have to be alone? Anyway, I’ll stop.

I’m glad that the show is trying to be challenging after eight seasons, the script was great, the dialogues were on point but I still checked my Twitter feed two or three times so it’s not awesome yet. There few things that I’m tired to see or hear and yet I’m not ready to leave Kate Beckett, far from it. I really hope that we won’t fall in the same thing that last season, with Castle coming to the investigation as a P.I to win Beckett back. To me, this eight season is the way to say goodbye to the fans, I don’t see it a Season 9 in the future so in my opinion it’s time to shake things up, and not being afraid to change the way things were done. We have new people on board, new writers so if it’s just to separate Caskett for two episodes and then forget about LokSat until April and then having everything in the season finale, I’ll pass. I’m not saying that it will happen but I know that there is a lot of chances that it will happen and I really hope it won’t.


All in all, these two episodes were quite great, Stana showed us really good things, we have a new mythology, new characters and new dynamic for Caskett so we have quite the cocktail to have a great season.


What I loved:

– Stana was fantastic, it’s sad to say it, but she brings her best when she’s alone and not with Nathan anymore.

– So much information. Like, Bracken’s stuff is over so we dive right to another mystery, another huge conspiration and really sometimes I kinda hate Johanna for being mix in all of this.

– Ok, let’s take some time to let it sink: Bracken is dead. Like dead-dead. His life is over. And it’s not because Beckett was pissed off.

– Castle’s step-mon is awesome! Spies everywhere! (And the comment of libido was pure gold!)


What I disliked:

– Again, I love that they realized that Alexis wasn’t a 12-year-old anymore but the transition is brutal. And her look was off to me (say the girl with the hoodie on right now).

– I know it was the CSI finale and that there is a void to fill, but stop with the « I’ll enhance the reflection of a picture in a mirror » and my pictures will look perfect and I’ll read all the tiny details because of the technology. It doesn’t work that way. Never. And not with the low definition of a hotel camera. Please and thanks.

– I don’t care about what will happen till May, if at the end they are together with a baby, I’m good with it.


So what did you think of XX? Did Beckett broke your heart or not? Tell me in the comments!

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