TV Show Review: Castle, Veritas, 6×22


Badass Beckett Alert ! Really really badass Beckett is ON !

You thought that you suffered enough during the Belly of the Beast? That we had our dark episode of the season, that Beckett being kidnapped and tortured was big and that you didn’t want anything else to happen before they finally get married? Yeah.

So I don’t even know if what I writing is making sense because I just finished Veritas half an hour ago and I’m drowning in feels. I don’t know what to do with them and I guess that I will be a mess until the end of the day. That’s probably one of the best episodes of Castle ever. It was seriously perfect from the beginning to the end. And the end… Ok, I’ll deal with it after.

 So, there are obviously the writers to congratulate because they did an amazing job, there are no time to breath and try to collect yourselves, it’s raining twists from every side of the plot and every character are use to deliver an A+ episode. Then, the actors. Stana… Well Stana is always amazing but she keeps on getting better and better every time she’s challenged. It was wonderful to watch. Nathan was also excellent. Tamala… Her scene lasts for few seconds and it was probably (in raw emotion) the most powerful one. And again, Jack Coleman is perfect in Senator Bracken.

I don’t even know where to start to actually sum up this episode… The two confrontations between Beckett and Bracken, the first in the hotel (although I wish it happened after she changed her hair color in blonde, I was curious) and the second in front of the camera were breathtaking. I don’t even know how many twists we get: Simmons dead, even if we know that Kate didn’t do it for few minutes… Well, it was great to not seeing the killer. Smith is alive and kept going against Bracken, again I didn’t see it coming. And the flashback with Montgomery was pure perfection. Even if, it was inevitable, Kate looks like the detective she’s today and not the cop she was ten years ago. I was a bit sad to see that except during Always, and she didn’t have Castle at the time, it’s the most reckless Beckett that we saw on Castle. Going after Simmons was not a calculated risk, it was revenge. She clearly can’t avoid going to the rabbit’s hole every time she gets too close of her mother’s case.

The fact that Gates is now a real part of this immediate family and know the truth about Johanna’s murder and the implication of Roy and Bracken. The fact that she stands by Kate from the beginning was beautiful.

I think I need another moment about the fact that the tape was in the family of elephants. I would love to know when they decided that the biggest and only piece of evidence against Bracken was in front of Kate during more than a decade. These elephants had always been loved by the fandom and I think it’s one of the best idea that the writers of the show had.

And then we had the arrest of Bracken in live television, in front of the reporters and it was wonderful. The way his face fell when he saw Beckett was magical. He knows at this point that she won. And she knows too. I actually tear up a bit when she cuffs him. The way all her body and expression were screaming silently « It’s over, I get you justice Mom » was so powerful… She chase the guy since she was 19. And she can put it behind her two weeks before her wedding. It defines her, like Bracken told her, her mother’s case made her who she is and nothing will be the same anymore. But for the best.

And of course, the way Castle looked at her when she arrested Bracken and the way they hug, just pure love and relief and trust and silent thank you was also the start of some tears.


Strong parts:

– I seriously hope that’s it’s only a matter of time before Stana gets an Emmy and every shiny awards possible.

– The flashback between Kate and Roy, when Lanie tells Kate that it’s a bullet from her gun, the « It’s over and I’m arrested you for the murder of my mother », the Caskett hug at the end, the smile on Castle’s face and the elephants. I mean, it was the elephants…

– It was 42minutes of pure perfection, what do you want me to say ?

Weak parts:

– Is it really over? They only have a tape.


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