TV Show Review : Castle, The Time of Our Lives, 7×06


This was the episode that everybody as waiting for. The episode that was going to change everything. The wedding that we were deprived of in May. Caskett starting their always officially. And what an episode it was !

I was a bit sceptical when I knew that the wedding would happen when Castle was subject to a different reality. Because it’s ridiculously important for me to see them having a beautiful wedding. I think I never were excited about a real wedding and I was so wired – still am- about my babies to finally tie the knot. I don’t think I will ever watch the finale of season 6 again but I finally can love the writers back fully again.

It’s not easy to storytelling an other reality in such a little time frame, to make the audience cares about these others versions of our characters but it was so natural, so well written and put in place that I was so engrossed in it. They were so many references to the first season and yet, Castle isn’t the same and everything is still different. I don’t want him living in a world were Beckett doesn’t know him, but I wouldn’t say no to make him bringing back Beckett’s suit in the reality. Oh, and Stana « Sit Down » was one of the most sexiest order that I ever heard.

I guess that I’ll spend this review to only fangirling but I can’t help myself. It’s 5AM and I haven’t slept yet and Caskett are married and I’m so happy that I’m lucky to be alone as it’s most likely not healthy. (But what a great addiction it is!) Oh, and I didn’t mention how hot it was to listen to her saying « Mr Castle ». I guess that the episode worked so well because in whatever weird universe they are, Castle and Beckett are drawn to each other and their chemistry is always there. Of course, Castle knows her but even when they are not « them », they are still a bit them. They are still building theory together that looks like foreplay, he still brings her coffee, she’s still a fan of his books and can’t hide her fondness of him.

But Caskett wasn’t the only thing that was a success there. It’s like they are talking about everything that could go wrong and Castle wants to help his family and friend even if it’s not his reality. Espo and his fear of commitment with Lanie (I loved how they try to find an excuse because they were having sex and they are late to the crime scene. It’s so Caskett), Lanie who is living her life without looking in the past (I hope that will see them getting married or at least engaged before the end of the show),Ryan is probably afraid to lose Jenny because of his job. Martha is living her dream life (not minding a bit being a bit too much present in Castle life) and Alexis is having a crisis about her identity because her relation with her father is bad. All these little pieces of life were so beautifully made. It was above all, an episode about family and friendship love.

But there were also some pretty heavy stuff. The elephants are still in Beckett’s desk, she still has her mother’s ring at her neck, she didn’t stay a homicide detective because she thought that she didn’t deserve the job if she couldn’t solve her case and she isn’t as driven as she was. Beckett compromising on her murder is something I never thought seeing. The most « Oh my God why did they do that? » moment was how Rick took the bullet instead of her. I mean, it was Knockout all over again but this time, Castle manages to save her, giving his life for her. It was so powerful, the positions, the « I love you, Kate », the care in Beckett’s eyes. Pff, it was too much for my little shipper heart to handle.

And then, we had the wedding. I was so surprised that they still got married in the Hampton, even if I’m thrilled by it. I was so afraid of a City Hall celebration, even though their entire family wasn’t there. I could imagine the face of Lanie when she would learn that her best friend got married without her. But, Beckett’s smile, Castle’s happiness, their dream coming true, it was so good to watch.  They only need each other to finally becoming husband and wife and that what they did. Mrs Castle has such a nice ring on it.

About the ceremony, did someone else lose it when she said « I wanna live my life in the warmth of your smile, and the strength of your embrace » ? Because I did. I kinda think about how much happened to them during six years and how Castle and Beckett made the best version of themselves with each other. And then, they had to play You’re In My Veins and the floodgates were open ! It was definitely perfect.

Oh, I’m already dying to see Beckett in her Far West outfits, I mean, Stana in a corset, the only thought is hot.


Strong parts :

– Everything. The wedding, the song, the chemistry between Castle and Beckett even when she doesn’t know him,

– Hilarious : Pregnant!Lanie, the latest Ice Buckett Challenge by Richard Castle, Molly Quinn with dark hair, the decoration of the loft, all the references to Season 1,…

– How hot Stana Katic was in her power suit. Best lip-biting in years I believe, it was to die for and her voice was so sultry, like so much more than the usual. Perfection.

– We had our wedding ! Thanks to Terri, the cast and the crew, you’re fantastic!

– Of course, there is a room full of writers behind the scenes, but these vows were so beautiful.


Weak parts :

– Only three : I would loved to know a bit more about Lanie in the parallel universe, a bit sad that Espo, Lanie and Ryan weren’t there and the background during the wedding. Did they shoot in front of a green screen ? It looked so weird.



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