TV Show Review: Castle, That’s ’70 Show, 6×20

(SPOILERS… Even if the episode aired a week ago)

There are some episodes in every shows that you just watch and ask yourself « WTF? ». This episode was one of these. I’m certainly not a fan of the 70s but it was fun. It’s nice to see some writers going completely carefress, not giving a damn about big plots and suspense and everything that have to be the standard for crime drama. It was light, fun and actually well-done.

I need to say first that the 70s look better on the girls than on the boys. Stana was breathtaking in the last scenes at the disco club, Tamala took all the spotlight in the morgue while Castle is way more ruggedly handsome in 2014 than in disco suit and Sito and Ryan were… Well, Ryan was fun enough to see through the mustache, Espo needs to work on his moves. I think it was one of the funniest episode of Castle. There were so many fun lines, so many eye-roll and ‘I’m going to kill you babe » from Beckett, Gates was amazing, and of course, Martha, with her over the top enthusiasm wrapped everything neat and clean. Or almost.

Obviously if you just think about a seconde it’s hard to maintain the idea that Harold is really clueless about the date and that he really believes that he still in 1978 more than 30 years later. Did the guy never leaves his house? But aside that it’s light hearted and you just dive into it knowing that it doesn’t really matters after all. I really like the episode but it also kind of bother me because of the end of the season is so close and maybe after the hiatus I wanted something a bit more powerful.

Thanks you to the writers who gave us a really fun episode, the end of the season coming (Veritas, I’m not ready), we’re going to need some fun.

Strong parts:

– Genuinely funny episode. Make up, costumes and all 70s’s vide were amazing.

– Stana (Happy Birthday!) was perfect, as always. (And her dress at the end… And her legs… And her smile… Ok, I stop.)

– Esposito (the sliding off the hood was so priceless…) and Ryan win the best time travel fun. Lanie’s not far.

Weak parts:

– When you’re looking a bit too close you can see the strings and you can see how the plot was hollow.

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