TV Show Review: Castle, Sleeper, 7×20


Castle is having the same nightmare every night about his missing two months. With the help of Dr.Burke and another super-hero, Chuck Norris, he’ll try to find some answers to his questions.

It’s been so long since I’ve come here and write something but I couldn’t miss this new episode of Castle. I mean, I’m already stressing over the fact of a possible or mostly non-possible Season 8, I’ll enjoy it as much as I can. So about this episode:

I already said it a lot, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the disappearance of Castle. I find the plot weak, and after making it a big deal for two episodes, it was never spoke again. Not that I wasn’t happy about focussing on others things, I thought that it was like the writers made the cliffhanger of Season 6 and then the two first episodes of Season 7 without knowing what to tell and after few months, they found a story to tell so now we investigate it. I’m not really convinced. I just saw the episode, and there are still so many things that we don’t know or that I find utterly ridiculous. It’s fun sometimes to think that Castle is this worldwide-always-on-the-media star, but he is not. He’s also not a warrior, or a spy, or a trained professional. And yet, without knowing how and why, the guy saved the world by being mixed with terrorist organisations, Al-Qaeda, the Russians (because of course, you need the Russians and the arabs to be the bad guys) and helped people who can erase someone’s memory. It’s a TV Show, I can accept a lot of things, but not this one.

Maybe I’ll need to watch it again. There were so many things, I mean, it’s way too much information for an episode and I probably missed stuff. It’s only 8.00AM right now so, it could be. One thing that I liked about the episode is how Kate is standing by Castle, even when he thinks that Chuck Norris helped him escape in Thailand. She has faith in him like he had faith in her when she was going down the rabbit hole of her mother’s murder. Ryan, true to his Castle Junior status was also eager to help while Espo, true to himself this season isn’t trusting Castle and do not want to spend much time on nonsense. I guess it’s saddened me because I have this image (from fanfiction) of Espo and Rick as close friends, like the rest of the precinct family and it’s not the reality. But at least Espo’s behaviour was consistent with Season 7.


We still have some great times, like this one: « LT is going to drive you home. // And if I refuse? // Then he’ll drive you home in handcuffs. // Just for the record, extremely bitter. » but it wasn’t the best episode of the show by far. I loved the tenderness of Caskett, and the presence of Castle’s family that we don’t see as much as I would like anymore but it wasn’t enough. What I find amazing (in a wrong way) is that I cannot process all the information they gave us and yet, right now, I feel cheated. I feel like they gave me a ton of black chocolate, way too much chocolate to make me happy and I just wanted a simple apple. Not my finest analogy, I’m aware. But it is what it is. We don’t have the answers that we wanted, we have dead body over dead body, Castle is reckless and doesn’t give a damn about putting his life in danger, he sees a man on TV, three meters away, in a small screen, with noise all around but his head is buzzing and he can spot the blond guy and I’m like « What? ». WTF guys? It’s okay to lose a bit of mojo sometimes, but because I really love this show I’m really disappointed when it happens to the writers.

We still have a ton of questions. Some might be revealed in the season’s finale (but please if it’s the last season, don’t rush it like this episode), we don’t know the answers of the most essentials questions and we are said to believe that Castle saved a bunch of people so everything’s fine. It’s not. But again, it was hard to rescue a narrative arc that was already weird and unbelievable at the beginning.

Strong parts:

– Four? Five Babe? Me likey.

– It closed the little narrative arc of Castle disappearance

– Dr Burke was back ! (Seriously, I need him in my life, he makes everything calmer and smoother)


Weak parts:

– Quite disjointed, a lot of rhythm changes, lot of differences in intensity.

– Too much info kill the info. I could have been a two-parter. Or they could have found a better story. (Sorry).

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