TV Show Review : Castle, Ressurection, 7×14


Oh that was good. Really good actually. I love Jerry Tyson and Nieman. They are the best sociopath killers in this show and they are so clever, always a step ahead of Beckett and Castle, I shouldn’t like it that much but I really do.  It’s always a pleasure to watch the two couples against each other. Right now I’ll say that it’s advantage Nieson (is that a thing?) but Caskett took down Bracken so I’m not overly worried about it. But the beauty of this episode is in the details. How Mosley is looking at Beckett in the interrogation room, the wink, the smirk of Wersching, holding hands, all the direct confrontations between glass or steel or the way Beckett doesn’t flinch when she hears the firecraker, showing how she fought her PTSD. They are all playing a game of cat and mouse and a chess game at the same time but not every player is revealed and the stakes are too high to make a wrong move.

I love the show when it’s light and fun, with some Caskett goodness in it, a nice murder and everything. It’s great and I spend a great time and it’s what I look for in a show. But when they embrace the drama in full, then the show enters another dimension. Even if it hurts, it is the most terrible episodes that are often the favorites of the fandom because these actors can make us laugh but they are way too good to scare us and make us cry. 3XK is bringing with him the guilt of Ryan, the protectiveness of Espo, the fear of Lanie, the desire of vengeance for Castle and all the above for Beckett. Everybody has been touched by his actions, during these last 6 seasons, he was a constant reminder of the enemy, along Bracken who isn’t there anymore. So I love how challenging the character is but in the same time, I think that it will be the end of this narrative arc next week and well, there won’t have a strong mythology anymore on the show. And even if I’m not sure all the actors would be on board with an 8th season, I’m not ready to let go of Castle in May. But if he is, and his girlfriend, defeated and that Beckett realizes that there is no ideal time to have a baby, it could be the closure of the show. I try not to think too much about it, but May is quite close.

Anyway, this episode was really interesting even if after all the spoilers and trailers, the fact that Nieman and 3XK were back wasn’t a surprise at all. Nor does the kidnapping of Beckett because she was the only one that didn’t suffer directly from them and the song was meant for her. Song that is still so creepy, even now. (I was conflicted between the song during the phone call and Beckett’s boots…). I don’t know how Jerry is managing to keep the identity of Michael but I so want the answers (I guess his « mother » is in the plan but it’s so elaborate, they know exactly were Beckett and Castle are going to looking at that it makes my head spin).

Even if it was inevitable, this episode is also the return of Castle in the 12th Precinct. It felt like if he never leaves and that the P.I adventure never existed. But all the rest was too intense to really focusing on it. I mean, there is a woman who is so crazy that she is creating women from scratch to match the pictures of her serial killer’s mom for him to kill. I don’t think that you can go further in the creepiness. And I cannot think about how Nieman is going to act when she has Beckett’s perfect face at her disposal. At least with Bracken she was tortured. Strangely, the thought of Stana Katic’s beauty being touched is much worse for me.

Another great aspect of the episode was the flashbacks, showing exactly how everybody had been affected by 3XK but in the same time, it allows us to see that the villains are getting better and that they are in charge of the game.

Can we be Monday again already? Pretty please? I hate (LOVE) two-parter.  And Reckoning is going to be way more intense than this one I think (I shouldn’t have watch this trailer, now I won’t be able to concentrate at work today). Plus, I need the music of the trailer, it’s dope!


Strong parts :

– Michael Mosley and Annie Wersching are imperial.

– Castle (and Nathan Fillion) is never as interesting as he is when he is speaking of and with Tyson. The scene in the cell and in the interrogation rooms were perfection.



Weak parts :

– I need to wait another week!!!!

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