TV Show Review : Castle, Reckoning, 7×15


Wow, wow, wow. Indeed, they deliver and this second part is way darker and much more intense than last week. The first thing that I’m saying to myself is that it is over. Tyson and Nieman are dead, one killed by Esposito (even with a bullet in his heart I would have check for a pulse) and the other by Beckett (and it was a mess) so yeah, 3XK, after all this time won’t be a threat to Castle. It was obvious that it would end like this, it was one couple or the other but it is still a weird thing to think that Tyson bring them Hell and they had to fight and let the worse of them take over to survive.

It was the first time since the kidnapping of Alexis that Castle went « to the dark side » and didn’t hesitate to beat up a guy to save his wife. I mean, he beat the shit out of Tyson so nobody cares but still, once again, we are really far from the goofy writer and fully into the man with a troubled past ready to do everything to protect the people he loves. Nathan was phenomenal in this episode. The darkness suits him so well, it’s impressive. But of course, everyone had been brilliant here. Seamus Deaver’s face when he sees Fake!Beckett gets shot and hears Castle screaming was heartbreaking, Jon Huertas was impeccable and Penny Johnston, ah, my beloved Captain Gates was perfect. I absolutely loved her character there. How her trust in Beckett is making her trust Castle is so sweet and the hug at the end was liberating.

They already had me at the « Previously on Castle » by Stana so obviously they lost me pretty soon in the episode. then, I felt like Castle was way too naïve about the events. It’s not the first time against them, and he knows that they are crazy smart (and also crazy crazy) so he shouldn’t jump at all the little tricks they are pulling. Except the shot at the Fake!Beckett, I would have scream to lung off as well. Even if I knew that it couldn’t be, my heart raced.

Once again, I cannot not talk about how impressive Michael and Annie are. Bracken was a bad guy, a really bad one but these two, they are so evil. They can be whoever they want to be, they are changing, adapting themselves to win. I loved them and even if it was time to let them go, I’ll miss them a tiny bit. And I reached a conclusion: Nieman is creepier than Jerry.

The best part of this episode, and the one that hurt more as well was the shot. Nathan was playing it so perfectly, the ultimate desperation of someone who lost everything in an instant but Seamus and Jon were amazing as well. And it was beautifully directed. The scene was of course sad but it was really great.

19 min without Stana (except the recordings). I think it is a record. I mean the episode is 42 minutes long. I’m not even sure that in 7×01 we don’t see Castle before. But what I also find fascinating is how little Stana is talking in this episode. She must have like 20 lines, top. And yet, she’s so present, her body so on point that she doesn’t need to talk, she doesn’t need anything except her gestures and her eyes to show us everything. That’s why she is such an amazing actress. We see how badass, shaken, driven, loving, afraid, terrified, relieved, happy and finally safe only with her non-verbal acting. So, well, you know. Congrats.

And I know that they are not thinking to this, that they are in for several sleepless night, thinking about serial killers and all the bad things that happened but seriously guys, Castle is back to the precinct with community service, to help Detective Beckett. Beckett is officially Castle’s boss. Ok, I want to read some fanfiction but, it just made me smile.

Brilliant episode. Amazing performances from all the cast. Awesome script from the writers. It was perfect.

Best line : « Everytime I close my eyes, I see her face » « I see his too. You know how I deal with it? I open my eyes and look at you ». Castle ruined everything relationship I could have.


Strong parts:

– Nathan Fillion’s acting. Michael Mosley and Annie Wersching’s acting as well

– The face of Stana when she catches Nieman’s arm was something else. It blew my mind.

– The music was absolutely fantastic! Congrats Robert Duncan!

– Gates, Gates, Gates. I want to hug her as well.


Weak parts:

– It took a long time for someone like Castle to figure out how to play Jerry’s game. But it’s a detail.


P.S: I wrote this with Cry (the theme of the trailer) in repeat. Over there to listen: Epic music

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