TV Show Review : Castle, Private Eye Caramba!, 7×12


Last week, I was very happy but the fact that Castle was a P.I. I’m less enthusiastic today. It is still interesting to see another dynamic between Beckett and him but I feel like I cannot last long, we will very quickly get bored of the « Beckett has a case but Castle can find a way, as a P.I, to contributes to the same investigation ». Plus, I’m sure a lot of people are enjoying it, but every time I hear Castle talking like a noir movie I cringe. Just a bit is all right, like in the previous episode, we had a recording of his notes and was listening to it, but I felt like it was too present here.

It was a nice episode but I feel like I have nothing to say about it. It was nice, the plot worked, it was a classic episode of a crime show. Maybe because last week was hilarious, I feel that this one was too flat, I don’t know, except for the domestic scenes and the office scene, nothing struck with me. And yet it wasn’t bad. Baby Castle is back, we can see how much Ryan is missing his Dad, he is such a cutie, Javier was smitten and Beckett tried to solve the cases while checking on her two babi… I mean two partners and her husband. It’s tough to be the smartest one.

I understand that the writers want to put Richard Castle back under the spotlight instead of Beckett. The show is still untitled Castle after all but it’s so obvious and Nathan is making such a show that I don’t buy it. I love that we find some chemistry back between Beckett and Castle and, the same dynamic for so long can obviously be tiring, but I’m not sure that the all P.I thing is the solution.

So it’s a very short review. I’m not really disappointed but I was thinking more about the previous episode and how the situation could go on in the next one than really paying attention to this episode. And it’s never a great sign. The actors are great enough to getting bored but Castle can do better.

Strong parts :

– I kinda miss Lanie but Perlmutter is gold. It’s really nice to see him so against Castle, even when he isn’t around.

– Jon Huertas speaking Spanish is sexy as hell.


Weak parts :

– I hate telenovelas as well, and I think I had the same look as Beckett (in less pretty) during the spanish scenes.

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