TV Show Review: Castle, PhDead, 8×02


So, Caskett breakup, moments later. This week, Castle and Beckett are not together, but still a bit together, because they say I love you so everything’s cool and students are in prison. Sounds bad? Well, it wasn’t pretty.

I’m not going to hate on the cast, crew or on the writers. I’ll never do that. They have a job, something they love to do, they work hard and I’m grateful for everything they are doing. But it doesn’t stop me to have an opinion when I watch the show. And like it was with the cliffhanger from Season 6, I don’t like this road they took. Not because of the breakup. If today we had a closed and focused Beckett, already falling to the rabbit hole trying to find this mysterious mole in the CIA, if she was incapable of being a good Captain and if she really could let Castle at arms’ length, then I would have been all for it. She doesn’t protect him from enemies, I mean surely everyone know they are married, and together or not, Castle is a more leverage when she’s in his bed than when she’s not. No, they sold us this idea because Beckett is obsessive and she cannot not pursue this tiny bit of information. Alright, she love Castle but she needs something more. I get that. But then, why the charade? Why this « you broke up with me but I never been better, I’ll just go to the precinct every chance I have and we’ll pretend that nothing happened ». That’s where I don’t follow.

I admire Castle, the man, not the show right now, because I wouldn’t be such a good person. If my spouse, that I spent 8 years trying to show how much she/he means to me, how I could die for him/her and, left me without any explanation (but it’s good because he/she said « I love you »), I’ll be pissed off. I’m not saying that Castle should be out of love for Beckett, it’s way too strong but I don’t know, maybe be angry? His « Houdini act » (that I’m still trying to forget about) is not an argument. He didn’t choose to leave Beckett. The only thing that matter to Castle is to be with her, to be a family. And Beckett is too damaged to fit in the plan. Again, not a problem is it was angst in this episode. But I was watching the episode and I thought that I was a fool. So they live their little moments in the prison cell, and Beckett is sad to not be with her husband and he is still all unicorns and rainbows and « my wife is coming back shortly, I’ll just take my daughter as a partner and all is good in the best of the world ». I saw few interviews of Alexi Hawley and Terrence Paul Winter and I’m sorry but I don’t want Caskett to be like Season 1-3. We’ve been there. We loved it but it’s in the past. The main objection is that Nathan and Stana will never have the same chemistry so it’s already doomed but even so, we didn’t went all this way to have a repeat of the earlier season. They are married, they can have issues, they can break up but not to be an old version of themselves.

Again, I’m not against this idea that Beckett can’t have the life she want (even if I’m skeptical she’ll ever find the peace for it) without putting everything that related to her mother’s case before. Please, let her investigate, get hurt, get wounded by this investigation with Vikram, away from the precinct, away from her family and husband. But not this. Not this pale attempt to ask Castle to back off because this is ridiculous. And I’m sad about it but I would have love to get on board if with. The episode wasn’t bad, RySpo were amazing in their 21 Jump Street act, the beer pong was fun, the case was interesting and we had some great moments (the Castle Depression Rescue Kit and a card for « 9-Woof-Woof », Beckett killing this gym bag,… ») but everything had to do with the break-up.

So it’s a lot of negativity, I know, but that’s just my opinion. I just don’t want to regret watching this season. After the season finale in May, I really thought about season 8 and how it could be disappointing while we had such an amazing episode. That’s what I wanted for Caskett. Being together, Beckett could be pregnant, everything was great. And still I love the show too much, I love Kate Beckett too much to say goodbye to eat. So’ll just wait to see how it is going, I might not write about it for few weeks, I don’t want to keep on saying the same things and I’m sure that at the end I’ll thanks the writers for their work.

Great episode if, strangely, you remove everything Caskett related.


What I liked:

– You know that it’s a Creasey episode, there’s something in it, a je-ne-sais-quoi fun and sweet.


What I disliked:

– Alexis cannot be blonde, she cannot. My eyes were bleeding.

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