TV Show Review : Castle, Montreal, 7×02


With a really nice murder case and some leads on what happened to Castle, I’m finding myself disappointed over this episode. About the good things first : I really like the investigation because I really had no clue about what was going on for almost all the episode. And the fact that Castle and Ryan cannot control themselves around toys is a bonus. It’s been quite a long time, we had the Castle’s disappearance, before Kate previous marriage, before then Veritas, so it’s nice to see a good old-fashioned plot. Secondly, Castle is desperate for answers, Kate is too but hide it more because she still doesn’t know if she can put his story above the evidence. The secret meeting with a possible informant was funny, even Castle cannot believe that he was held hostages in a spaceship and might realise that his crazy theories are crazy when it is someone else who say them. The way, father and daughter teamed up to find answers was sweet and shown the trust that Kate has for Alexis. Pretty sure that the guy in the bank is not a good guy but again I so don’t want to care about all of it.

The problem is about Castle. He knows, because he keeps repeated it, that he hurts Beckett and his family and yet, do reckless thing. He wants to solve this on his own and don’t care about the consequences. I understand the logic as he wants to understand why we cannot remember two months of his life, but after seven season, you could hope that he would include Beckett. She even includes him when she was working on her mother case at the end, telling him about her stake out and following people. She always said the truth (except about the « I love you » part but it’s so old) and I don’t understand the way the writers write him for this season. When he comes back from Montreal and that Kate avoids to make eye-contact, I understood that, he just took a plane to go to the place he might have been detained. And yet, they are in bed together like if it was okay. I don’t know, it just doesn’t sounds right to me. Plus, if he told the truth about the fact that he was the one to want to forget, why not telling Kate what happened when he was 11 ? He wants to marry her, and yet, not being honest with her. It’s not the essence of Caskett. So I don’t know, I was disappointed.

Good episode nonetheless with nice developments during the episode. Castle kissing Gates was unnecessary but why not, the moment after Beckett watched the video Castle made for her was really sweet even if her letter on The Belly and the Beast was so much more powerful and I guess everybody, including the writers and the characters need time to get back to normal.


Strong parts :

– Esplanie are back. Hopefully for good.

– Castle and Beckett are very slowly becoming Caskett again.

– The dialogue of the end scene.

Weak parts :

– Castle’s character.

– I already said it, I just want the all thing to go away and focus on the future.

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