TV Show Review: Castle, Law and Boarder, 6×21


This episode was again really funny. Not the same kind of funny that we had last week with the costumes and make up. It was mostly because of the inability of Castle to lose and the battle between Esposito and Ryan to become his best man for the wedding. The crime wasn’t that interesting but we had worst.

First, I need to say that it is highly difficult to concentrate when Stana has a ponytail and is wearing a tie. Like, really hard to concentrate. And she’s just so adorable, feeling bad for Castle but in the same time kicking his ass for his smugness. And I could spend few hours talking the ending but I won’t. But. STRIP.POKER. Stana in her bra. WHITE BRA. (And Caslte red shirt isn’t bad either). But some moments of this episode reminding me of the Squab and the Quail, and I didn’t like it. Even if it was for comedy purpose, seeing Castle caring more about a game than spending (sexy) times with Beckett didn’t make me laugh. But the family gathering with Alexis and Beckett fist bump and the Martha’s drama about the Scrabble loss were really great. And again, strip poker making up for it.

Esposito and Ryan were amazing in that episode, I’m so glad to see so much of them. And I thought that Castle would pick them both so it was a real surprise when he said that he chose Alexis. I mean it makes sense but I would have seen Beckett with two bridesmaids and Castle with two best men. I thought that Castle wouldn’t be so clueless about why the two detectives are so nice with him but with his beat down, twice, he clearly didn’t have his head on his upcoming wedding. The good side too is that we could see the amazing smile of Jon Huertas, it’s really not often on the show. And the blue eyes of Ryan are getting more and more intense in my opinion. Basically everyone looked damn fine on that episode.

Aside of this episode itself… After watching the sneek peak I’m positive that we are probably all gonna die next Monday with Veritas. Lanie shaking and almost crying was the thing that I keep thinking of in the sneek peak and obviously, again SPOILERS, TV magazine released a picture of Beckett in her wedding dress and the fandom is divided between the ones who try to stay spoiler free (good luck with that) and the one you just keep retweeting spoilers on Tumblr and Twitter. I saw the dress, I’m not mad as I know that it is impossible to spend so much time on the two T and staying out of spoils, Stana is beyond gorgeous, the dress is amazing (although I loved so much the first one…) and I cannot wait to see the wedding! But before that, it’s time to give some justice to Johanna Beckett.

Strong parts:

– Kate is so happy and Stana is so beautiful

– Esposito and Ryan were hilarious in front of a completely ‘I don’t know what’s going on’ Castle

– Scrabble will never look the same to me. White bra either.

Weak parts:

– Not much, knowing it was a pretty light episode before Veritas.

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