TV Show Review : Castle, Last Action Hero, 7×09


After two huge episodes, with so many emotions and smiles and tears, Castle is now back to its normal self. Which is good as well. And there’s still plenty of things to make us emotional.

Castle has the unfortunate pleasure to meet with one of his boyhood’s idol, an action actor who is now dead. Between fangirling and justifying his love for the guy, he is even more a handful than usual for Beckett. Who needs to face a difficult time : letting go of her amazing flat. We haven’t seen it in ages, because she moved to the loft a long time ago and yet it still a place that means so much to her. She’s been through her PTSD there, she realized she was in love with Castle there, it was the place where she tried so hard to solve her mother’s case to be able to have the life she wanted. And Castle doesn’t understand that. Of course she doesn’t tell me but I guess to him, the loft is her home and he isn’t wrong but the apartment is a big deal. Plus, without a word, the last scene is so beautiful, one of the best moment of this season. So I was more concerned about this than the murder actually. It was quite fun to see Castle star-struck and how he is acting like a badass (to come back to his old self pretty quickly when he realises that his wife (hiiii!) won’t be pleased with him). The case was classic but enjoyable, with a nice twist to it and the Rambo atmosphere was fun to watch. I think because this season is more about Castle, we are having funny episode (this one and the Christmas one) before going to the more serious stuff with 3XK and Castle’s past. Because of course, Castle is a gigantic child, we all know that so it’s fun to watch, yet, his disappearance isn’t such far away so I don’t know, the episode won’t ever be in one of my favorite but maybe it is the transition between the wedding and the second part of the season with the grand scheme.

I loved the ending, how she kept a piece of her in the flat and everything but I couldn’t help but think that it’s nearly the end for the show. Caskett are married, Ryan and Jenny too, Espo and Lanie should follow soon, Johanna’s murder is solved and 3XK is back soon so it also going to be the end of this mythology. I would love to see a Season 8 but with Nathan’s contract and the fact that I’m not sure that the writers want to show a pregnant/mom Kate I don’t know, I felt a bit sad about it. Damn your fine acting, Stana.


Strong parts :

– The end of the episode was so powerful, so sad and yet they are officially moving together so it’s a good news but I loved Beckett’s apartment so much (kind of a dream for me) that I felt like leaving a friend.

– Castle was such a fangirl, Nathan is obviously in his element as a goofy, eager to please and with all the funny faces.

– Tamala looked so good, like, I don’t know, I wasn’t even focusing on Stana. And it’s huge !


Weak parts :

– Not a big fan of bad action movies with lots of gun and big « tough » guys but that had nothing to do with the episode itself.

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