TV Show Review: Castle, In Plane Sight, 7×21


Area of turbulence, a freaking snake, a deadly cargo area: Rick and Alexis do not have the best flight ever between New-York and London. Don’t worry Castle, it will be the perfect book material.

I really like the writing of Chad and Dara, their episodes are often filler between two heavier ones and yet they make them important as well by creating something funny or out of the ordinary. It was very interesting to see Castle and Alexis back together again, I missed this father-daughter goodness that we saw so much during the first seasons.

I’m not afraid of planes, I love to fly but I guess this episode gave some cold sweat to few people. I really enjoyed the episode but I also look a lot at the plane itself and the props. Everything was pretty perfect, the work of the camera, the cargo area and the way they use the space (even if all the round-trips of Castle should have made the passengers a bit more worried).

I knew that the terrorist threat was too heavy to be true (and let’s be honest, a crime drama cannot have the bad guy in fifteen minutes) and I don’t know, because it was Dara’s writing, I didn’t believe that it could be something like a « search the bomb in the plane » kind of episodes but something with surprises and a twist on why the Marshall was killed.

The snake deserves to be mentioned. Steve was one of the thing that made the episode fun, first with the not so manly shriek of Castle and then with the « How long does it take for a snake to pass a cell phone » (Nice addition Mister Fillion). I hate snakes, so I was glad that it wasn’t on the loose. Then I would not have spent such a good time.

Alexis is such a grown-up in this episode, using her time at the morgue, and then talk to the flight attendant at the end, I knew she was, I knew that she’s an amazing kid but she’s an amazing woman now. It was beautiful to see her being this woman being when I can remember so clearly the fifteen years-old who was having sleepover with Paige.

Stana was imperial as always (and awwwww, she’s married!!), her emotions on point and it’s not so often that she cannot do anything to help her husband, sitting in her chair and just hoping for the best. She trusts him and she knows how capable he is but it feels good to know that he left at least the plane. Obviously in my head the flight is coming from and no going to London and they celebrate like they should the fact that he’s alive and solve the case….

We didn’t see much of the boys but enough to see the brother/sister relationship of Espo and Beckett and the most important’s part.

Really nice episode, Dara delivered a great episode, really far for the madness of last week and I guess we’ll just wait and enjoy the last remaining episodes.


I liked:

– Team Castle and Castle Junior. So proud of Alexis and the bond she still share with her father.

– Stana’s hair. (Essential). How anxious Beckett was over her husband and daughter-in-law.

– Congratulations to Dara Creasey for her solo writing début. Always an interesting and mostly fun episodes with her and Chad.


I disliked:

– I had an issue with the Wifi and « I can make any phone calls that I want » from the middle of the Atlantic to New-York. I know it works on some planes, but I’m not sure you can have these amazing Skype conversations even when you’re in First Class.

– A bit easy to understand that it was an inside job.

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