TV Show Review: Castle, I, Witness, 7×13


Castle is such a rollercoaster. We have average episodes and amazing episodes. And yesterday’s episode was an awesome one. First on the plot side, it was entertaining, different and really well-made. Second on the Caskett side, they are adorable and sexy and I love them. Third on the Rysposito (is it the official shipper name?) bromance, these guys are amazing and made me laugh so hard. I so want to see this ski trip. So the episode was great in everything.

About Caskett, because it is the main feature of the show after all, I feel like Castle as a P.I made them reconnect so much. I’m not sure that will ever find the chemistry of the seasons 2 to 4 but it is not as strained as the last two seasons. The only thing  that I dislike a bit as nothing to do with the story itself or the couple but Stana is more and more beautiful (not the complain here) but Nathan Fillion is less and less ruggedly handsome and more « I couldn’t resist another bowl of ice-cream ». I mean, it shouldn’t bother me so much (and I’m sure that I can receive insults for that) but there a difference between being massive with a broad chest and kinda fat. Anyway, that is just something that bothered me during the episode.

But even if it has its ups and downs, the P.I thing is not a disaster. I guess that it will be the end of it but these last three episodes were fun, especially the first so I’m glad for this little interlude. We’ll see Rick in the precinct in the next episode I guess so I’ll miss the P.I office. But I’ll be glad to see the gang back for real at the 12th Precinct. Like the brief job in D.C of Kate, something was off.

One of the interesting aspect of the episode was how Castle is obsessed about the case. It’s like a small rabbit hole, a Beckett’ speciality, for him. He thinks that his friend framed him and then feels guilty when he realises that she is indeed dead and he cannot let the case go while all the others think that it’s closed. But the other result was to see Kate having his back while it was usually the contrary. She believes him while there is no evidence. What a progression from the beginning of season 5 with 3XK. She knows Castle and whatever happens she’s with him. And it was adorable of course but it went deeper, it shows how far they go. I also think that it announces a shift in the storyline. We are getting closer of finding about Rick’s past and we were used for 6 seasons of Beckett’s past instead. She was the one who needed support and now, when Rick’s demons will resurface, he will need that as well. It is going to be interesting.

It was a great episode, a great chemistry between Rick and Kate, a lot of friendship and an interesting plot. I cannot ask for more.

And OMG, the next episode is going to kill us all. I knew and I was waiting for the comeback of Nieman and 3XK but I’m not ready!


Strong parts:

– Naps. NAPS GUYS. I love naps too. And I’m pretty sure I melt when Stana said « Husband ». I mean, she has the best bedroom ever.

– Beckett and her boys are back! I didn’t realise how much I wanted a scene like the break room one until it happened. Can we see a the ski trip as a DVD bonus? Pretty please…

– The plot was great, there were a lot of twist, I thought that I had the killer figured out and yet… Not such thing.


Weak parts:

– Too much awesomeness. I can’t say a bad thing this week.

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