TV Show Review : Castle, Hong Kong Hustle, 7×17


Because we are all in awe of Beckett, the badass detective who doesn’t compromise or give up and in love with Kate, the fragile, beautiful and dorky woman, it is rare to see Kate Beckett being (and I quote) insecure. At some point in adulthood, you need to see where your priorities are.

Inspector Zhang (fantastic Linda Park) has everything. Movie star actor, two of the cutest kid, team leader of few task forces, badass cop, crazy fighter and worse, she’s gorgeous. And she arrives at a time when Beckett is already starting to feel like she doesn’t move quick enough in her life. Zhang didn’t quite turn as the nemesis, but she sure started some almost-friendly competition. At the end, the Chinese inspector isn’t as fabulous as we thought she was but she is still a great woman. But they were no competition for the viewers. Nobody can be on Kate Beckett level. Any level. And certainly not the hair or smile.

The murder plot was interesting. We had the suit who didn’t want the police to check his case, the less than clean guy who deal drugs, few suspects, a Chinese restaurant owner who is basically keeping her employees as slave and yet, none of them were the killer. It was just a question of jealousy and desperation that turned a sweet girl into a murderer. I liked it (it was horrible of course, like any murder) but I didn’t expect it so I was glad.

This episode had some really nice moments. Of course my favorite is the scene with Ryan and Esposito’s guns. I replayed it three times to really see how she did it. Really nice stunt. Castle was fun as well. The threesome line was golden (so was Beckett’s face). As a writer, he is constantly insecure. He jokes about Patterson or Connelly but deep down, I’m sure that it is something that he thinks about often. So he can understand what his wife (awww, still not over it) is going through. His last declaration was beautiful, I love that kind of sweet ending. (Even if, let’s be serious, they could let us see the next few minutes. Or hour). Ryan and Esposito were fun as well, they couldn’t even look as Zhang during the all episode, so embarrassed and all. Hilarious. And even if we didn’t see much of Gates, the fact that she « chose to believe » Beckett shown that she really trust her team now.

It happen almost every episode and I think it is the first time that I mention it because I know that it is a show and you need to compromise on stuff but it really strike me in the middle of the episode when Kate is telling « I’m insecure » in the loft and few seconds later (maybe even a break I don’t watch on US TV) we find them at the precinct, leaving the elevator and Rick is answering « No, you’re not insecure ». I couldn’t stop picturing them stopping the conversation in the loft, the silence in the car and the elevator and then the conversation again. Like if they had to hold their breath. It was funny. It just distracted me for few minutes (I’m easily distracted.)

Great episode, nice murder plot but mostly, even if I might be too young to really grasp how Beckett is feeling (but I saw some people in the fandom completely relate to her struggle) it was great to see Kate as a woman in her thirties, thinking where she is and what she still want to accomplish.

Oh and by the way, a baby better be the top priority on that list KBecks.


Strong parts:

– I loved how Dara Creasey managed to show Beckett in another angle. She’s accomplished and she has all these things but she is still a human being with her doubts and her self-consciousness. It was brilliant.

– Linda Park killed it as a guest star. The way she disarmed Ryan and Esposito is one of my favorite move ever. (Sorry Agent May)

– Lots of twists, an unexpected killer and a great ending.

– Stana’s hair/smile/face/everything.


Weak parts:

– Except for the competition between the two cops, the murder plot got interesting only ten minutes or so before the end of the episode.

– I wanted to see Beckett’s list of priorities so bad…

– Where is Lanie Parish?

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