TV Show Review: Castle, Hollander’s Woods, Season Finale


First of all, can I say how grateful and happy I am that I didn’t have to write « Serie Finale » as a title? It would have suck, big time. I mean, I’m still worried as hell for the future of the show but at least we have a Season 8 guys!

Allright, on the episode now. I’ll say that it started pretty badly and it became absolutely amazing. I’m still so shaken by it. Some tears might have been involved in the last minutes. It really feels like they didn’t expect another season and that they got closure for the characters. After the rollercoaster of these last week (who has signed? Not signed? Who’s the showrunner?) I really thought, for few seconds, that, yeah, maybe it can end like that. Maybe I don’t want to be disappointed by the Season 8 if not everyone is back and I know that in few months I’ll be so impatient to have the show back. But tonight, tonight it can be the end. Because it truly was perfect.

About the case, we all knew that it was going to be about Castle’s childhood trauma, whatever it was. And I could have been more on board if it was something that they hinted at before, something that could have resurfaced, even slightly. Because after three minutes of the episode we knew that he was the witness of a murder, that he was traumatized by it (I can understand this part) and yet, he never shared the memory with anyone. I don’t really buy the « telling about it would have made him real » while we know that he never doubted that it was a dream of some sorts. But I won’t dwell on it, it’s done. And I’m also not that mad because the episode was pretty creepy and it was fun. I was pretty shocked about few things: how Kate is willing to put him and her in jeopardy because she does trust him and she wants him to have closure. The shooting, seriously, Castle emptied the barrel on the guy, I was quite frozen about it. Not that I don’t see how dangerous Rick can be but it really was intense. The way most of it was filmed was also a big A+, it really brought something more to the often (impeccable) monologues of Nathan.

But to be honest, even if the case was awesome and captivating, even if the writers wanted to give Castle more importance in this season, I cannot care about it as much as I care for Beckett. So as soon as she was called for this review, I was only thinking about her. The scene made me go from outraged (who’s that fucking guy?) to cheerleader (you tell them Kate!) to « Aww, she’s so good and no everybody agree with this statement ». The swing set just achieved my already fragile mental state. I thought about it, not at length, but I think that it would be way more challenging for Beckett to be a Senator than a Captain. But in the same time, if they decide to jump time and base season 8 few years later with Beckett running or already a Senator, Rick as a writer but probably in some kind of political conspiracy and one or two babies, then we might not see Jon and Seamus again. But if Stana doesn’t sign then, I don’t really know. I would never believe for a second that she would died. Not before and certainly not after this episode. It’s a love story. A fairytale and they had their share of obstacles. Anyway, no more speculation, let’s bask in the glory and happiness of this episode. Can they move the U.S Senate to New-York by the way? Not a terrible fan of D.C… Just sayin’.

I don’t know how many little things I adored in this finale: the porcelain mask was awesome, terribly impractical but amazing scenery because of it. How Beckett knew that Castle needed her gun, not a flash of hesitation, she just gave it by seeing his hand and wedding ring. The « Murder, mystery, the macabre », oh man, the feels. Too much feels. The way Kate is reassuring Rick before the ceremony. The ceremony. The speech who was probably one of my Top5 favorite moment of the show. The fact that after seven years, both of them are free of their demons and they have the brightest future possible. How they reunited Kate, Rick, Alexis, Martha, Ryan, Espo, Lanie, Gates, Jenny and Tory were together for the first and probably the last time. (They are all so gorgeous and fantastic). Kate/Stana redefined the expression « radiating love », seriously, she’s so incredibly beautiful but it was even more. (Can I get away with the « She’s glowing? »). Sometimes I really am amazing how their story worked out, how blessed we are to be able to watch such an engaging, sweet, supporting, sexy and passionate love story.


I don’t really know what to say anymore, I would want to show how thankful I am to anyone who made the show. I don’t know what will happen in the future and if it is the last episode of Castle for me but if it have to end tonight, then I couldn’t hope for something better.


I loved:

– The speech, the look on Kate’s face, the love of this family and friends, it really made me reflect on the beginning of the show and everything that led to this moment.

– I want to live in a world where I can believe that Kate is pregnant. Because now I can. And I might cry a bit more now. Seriously, a micro-gesture was all it took to make me lose my mind. I actually feel butterflies to my stomach, just thinking that we can have a Caskett baby. Because if Stana is there, then they can’t back off now.

– Beckett as a Senator and Castle becoming a « serious writer »? Where do I invest?

– Even if I wasn’t a fan of the way they handle Castle’s back story, the case was amazingly creepy, intense and satisfying.


I disliked:

– Well, thirty years is a long time to keep such a secret. Especially to the love of your life.

– I still hate the feeling that maybe Stana or Jon or Seamus won’t be back. It probably would means that this is the last episode for me.


P.S: I might edit it later, it’s 05.35am, I haven’t sleep yet and I have work in 3 hours…

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