TV Show Review: Castle, Habeas Corpse, 7×19


Sometimes, a crime drama TV show isn’t about who killed who. Sometimes it is about who has the best dance routine, bets and love.

I spent the other night in the E.R because I have a torn muscle in my thorax and it hurts as hell to breathe or move. I slept for 15 hours because of the drugs and I didn’t go to my job. So a new episode of Castle is pretty much the highlight of these two last days. It also cause severe pain when I laughed because I really cannot do that. But it was so good.

About the murder plot, it was interesting, I loved the fact that the body bad was for a dummy and I was glad to see Lanie again! The rest of it was pretty much the usual, no offense to anyone but it wasn’t why the episode was awesome. Even if there are some surprises element, after so many crime show and so many seasons, I’m just waiting for the killer to be revealed between 35 and 37 minutes of the episode and know that before, it’s all about false lead and wrong conclusions. But it’s okay, it is inevitable. And it’s not why we are watching these kind of shows.

So about the characters, the most important thing about the show. The beginning with Kate and Alexis in the loft was pretty sweet. I loved how Kate was repeating the words behind the young girl and was so proud of Alexis. Then we completely fell in fanfiction mode, except in fanfiction their phones aren’t ringing. Damn. Dear fanfics writers, I want to see a follow-up to this scene! It was pretty hot to hear them, but once again, their verbal foreplay is legendary. I really felt this « family bond » in this episode even if the scenes with Martha and Alexis were brief. Alexis is reaching to Kate for help and Kate isn’t afraid to open up about her feelings to Martha. Talk about a character development…

Ryan and Esposito were pretty amazing as well. Sure, Esposito was a bit rough with Rick since his abduction so it wasn’t a surprise to see him forcing the writer into a high stake bet. And it was also sure that Rick would never back down from a challenge. I don’t even know how many GIF we would need to show all the little expressions made by Stana Katic to convey Kate’s feelings, once again, even if it was mostly in the background, she did a tremendous job. This episode was also filled with amazing little lines of dialogue, interaction between Beckett, Castle, Esposito and Ryan. It looked like something that could have happened in season 3 but with a Caskett marriage. We really saw the dynamic of the precinct family. They tease each other merciless but they love and protect each other.

Seamus and Jon can move! I loved their dance, and it was pretty long, I mean we didn’t just saw 5 seconds of their dance. And it was almost uninterrupted. They were great and it suits so much the personalities of their character. I don’t know how realistic was the crutches (I guess an injured cop has some paperwork to fill and I’m not sure Gates would agree to it) but it was fun. Because they let the boys dance, I really would have loved to see more of the dance Rick and Kate prepared but the little we saw was everything. I’m so glad that they found another opportunity to show Stana’s amazing voice.

I think the ending needs a part to itself. We now have quite a long list of amazing episode ending and if Always will forever be my number 1, the others are pretty close to each other. And this one got to the top 5 easily. And we didn’t even see a thing! Again, it was pure fanfiction material, the trail of clothes, the shadows of their bodies, but most importantly the intimacy of their shower together. I think I lost it a bit when Kate said « ‘our shower routine », it was something that I wanted without knowing it! And really, Castle and Beckett singing Sinatra in their shower with a rehearsed choreo… Who would think that six years ago? I’m little shipper heart is content.

Extremely funny (the scene in the hood with their technique to get free of the strip was priceless), well-written, sweet but still with some suspense thanks to the murder, it was an amazing episode!


Strong parts:

– The title of the episode is hilarious.

– Jon and Seamus have it! Their dance was awesome! I absolutely loved it, it was so fun but they are really good!

– Martha and Kate scene and Alexis and Kate scene. It doesn’t happen a lot but it is always beautiful.

– Kate and Rick dancing.



– I’m out. Too much feels.


Weak parts:

– More? I want more. Gimme more.

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