TV Show Review : Castle, For Better or Worse, 6×13


I love Castle. The actors are amazing, it’s well written, often really funny, there’s Stana Katic, I mean, there are hundreds of reasons to love this show. But I never be more disappointed than today. I mean, not only by the cliffhanger that I found completely stupid but also of all the story. I don’t see the point in making Beckett with more flaws. This woman came back from hell, she survived going down the rabbit hole because of her mother’s murder, she almost froze to death, drown, shot in the chest,… How can she not have one fucking day of happiness and bliss at her wedding? I don’t even get how, in all her years in NYPD, with the complete check up that Gates probably did when she arrived at the 12th and mostly her time with the FBI, how on Earth it is possible that nobody knew that she was married. I tried when there are small impossible stuff to accept them because it’s a show and normally the rest of the episode is making up for it. But this one was the center of the episode. It was impossible to not think all the time to it.

The other problem is that Kate is so out of character in this episode. Where is the badass detective who can break all the though criminals in New York? It wasn’t even plausible to think that Kate would have become a thief for someone else than Castle, his family and her boys. Why doesn’t she force him to sign the paper? Even by strenght; she just manage to cuff one of the most powerful guy in the country but cannot deal with a wreck like this guy. An even if we know that Kate was a rebellious and reckless teenager, she wasn’t stupid. Even drunk she would have know that the wedding weren’t fake. And in all these years, it never came in the conversations between Castle and her that she went to Vegas with an old boyfriend? I just don’t get it. I also don’t get the teasing of Castle, again it was out of character. It shouldn’t be funny for him, the guy waits 5 years to marry her and suddenly is wedding is falling apart but he spends all his time teasing his fiancee? That’s not what Rick would do normally.

The fact that I dislike so much that episode is probably due to different facts : after Veritas which was really one of the best episode of 2014, every show included (and I’m watching a lot of them) our expectations were high, also because we were so hoping to have a wedding and we didn’t, that Nathan said that it was a light episode, sure but maybe too lithe for 40 minutes and too heavy for 2 minutes and, seriously, at some point, why keep on adding drama? They just got Bracken, they spent 6 years trying to stay alive, fighting for their future, how can they not have their beautiful wedding? To end the season on their vows and kisses? So sure,Kate Beckett heartbroken and crying in her wedding dress in front of the burning car is quite an image but their future wedding will never be the same. It was fucking perfect, the Hamptons, their friends and family, Johanna’s dress, the earrings that Martha gave to Kate, everything thing. And they ruined it. And even I want Caskett to be married I don’t want them to do it quicky, only the both of us after a tragedy or something.

I don’t want to show hate on AWM or Terri or any writers of the show. It happens to write a bad episode. Unfortunately for the fans it was the season finale and the wedding. Maybe it was to teach us that we cannot hope that even for one day they can be perfectly happy and that when our guards were down (because that what happened after Veritas and the promise of their wedding) that they were going to attack and break us. In that case, well done, the fandom is pissed and sad.

I saw the message on Twitter of Nathan saying that he was glad that we were feeling something even if it wasn’t a good feeling. Sure, nobody is indifferent after watching that episode. But it’s nothing compared to what the fandom would have been if the wedding would have take place.

But we had a magnificient season 6, Caskett is stronger than ever, Honeymilk and Jenny had their daughter, Esposito and Lanie are getting closer and closer, we laugh, we cry, we feel all this amazing emotions, alone or with the fandom. And it’s thanks to the writers. And the exceptionnal cast and crew. So thanks you and see you in the fall Castle.

Strong parts :

– We still get to see Kate in her wedding dress, more beautiful than ever.

– Some really nice banter/beautiful Caskett moments

– The scene between Kate and Martha.

Weak parts :

– I trust you AWM, no doubt and I’m sure that I’ll love season 7 but you ruined the thing that we’ve been waiting for years to come. That’s hard to swallow.

– The cliffhanger. I mean, of course he’s not in the car, the guy’s name is the bloody title of the show.

– After Veritas, it was such a waste of possibilities.

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