TV Show Review : Castle, Driven, 7×01


After the season finale, my love for Castle had been a bit tempered. I was excited for Season 7 and the hiatus was really long but the deception is still there and the problem with a crappy finale is that there’s a lot to fear about a premiere. But seeing Stana Katic again is probably enough for me to love this episode anyway.

The premiere starts at the exact moment when the finale ended, Kate’s watching her car’s fiancé burning. There’s a lot of distress in this episode, and yet I never felt like it was too heavy. Of course Kate would not think twice about going into a burning car or following any possible leads and everybody was true to themselves so it was great in that way. It’s after that I, again, thought that the Kate and Esposito weren’t in characters. If I understand that Beckett is no longer sleeping, is willing to kill and never back down when she’s looking for Castle, there should have been a transition when she sees Castle in the hospital. She’s still Beckett, not Kate while she found her fiancé alive. I wanted her to say « Rick » or « Babe » so bad when she takes his hand that I was disappointed to hear « Castle ». Even if we all love Badass Beckett, finding your fiancé after so long, when you started having no hope, is probably enough to be with him, waiting for him to wake up and just be the woman behind the cop. That’s just my opinion, a lot of people probably loved that Beckett is still all business. As for Esposito, if I could understand how he had doubt in Season 5 and how protective of Beckett he is, I can’t understand that at the first sight of trouble he’s thinking that Castle is a bad guy and wanted to vanish from their lives. It doesn’t work for me, the doubt could come only from the FBI. Ryan was true to himself, always a daddy’s boy, trying to talk some sense into his partner, but I felt that Javi’s reactions were too OOC. About the boys, I was glad to see a slightly different dynamic as a trio when Castle is not around.

About how the episode was made, I loved the sequence when Kate is crossing all the possibility, with a very dark atmosphere and the culminating point : when she open her window again, clear from her mother’s case and start a new  murder board with Castle’s picture. It was really well done. The moment when Esposito is coming to her with a coffee and it only breaks her heart was also a good idea. There were quite a number of really good ideas.

About Castle’s disappearance, I don’t know what to think about. I liked the episode, I love the show but I wasn’t, even for a second, interested in trying to understand what is happening. And I still don’t really care if it’s 3XK, related to his father, to Rick’s past, or whatever. Probably because I despise the finale so much, I just want the whole situation to be fixed so we can move on. But, the fact that we don’t know that two months happened in the first 30 minutes or so of the episode was great. It shows how badly Kate is hurt and how such a thing is possible.

Something else was a bit weird. If I understand Castle, as it is his coping mechanism to joke and try to see the best in every situation, but there were such a difference in two or three minutes in Kate’s behaviour towards him. She cannot touch him anymore, she’s suspicious, doesn’t believe him and suddenly, everything is alright between them. I’m not saying that it’s completely wrong because of course Kate is still crazy in love with Rick, but a smoother transition could have been great.

To sum up, a great premiere, a very good rhythm and a lot of answers to find for our favorite couple.



Strong parts :

– I know that I’m biased, but Stana Katic is just perfection. Her interpretation, the emotion she portrayed, the badass female character. Perfection.

– Few really moving/beautiful moments : when Espo gives Beckett a coffee, when Kate sees Castle in the hospital and the bedroom scene.

– The music by Duncan

– Nice mysteries to start the season now that Bracken is in jail.

Weak parts :

– I don’t know what I would have done to see the opening of Season 7 with Kate and Rick in an heaven island, both with rings on their fingers, loving each other.

– I felt like there were too much of Beckett and not enough of Kate.

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