TV Show Review : Castle, Clear and Present Danger, 6×03


I was impatient to see the episode since last week as I thought it was perfect to have an episode written by the Creaseys already. These tw always deliver a certain type of episode with more fun and sexy/sweet Caskett moments. And the show really need some of these moments. Because right now Season 7 = Season 5 and not Season 4 or 6. And for everyone watching Castle, you know that it is not a compliment. But, this episode gave me hope again. It was fun, nerdy, with a lot of banter and a lot of Caskett. The plot, no matters how twisted, was hilarious and since I would love to have an invisibility suit it was perfect.

So, after two months and a half, Kate and Rick are both more than ready to have sex again, but because they always wait for the perfect moment, they just keep on being cock-blocked (the phone, Lanie, Martha, the case, you name it). But we still got a make-out session and it’s so rare on this show that it is important to mention it. The fact that the case is making no sense was the perfect excuse to have our favorite couple to build theories together (aka foreplay), to laugh (Beckett is lying to Gates) and to show them as a team once again (literally finding the killer thanks to the use of fire extinguisher was a first).

We didn’t see much of Ryan and Esposito and yet, the weird vibe about Kevin is explained : to send his baby girl to college later, he took a second job as a bouncer in a male stripping club. Count on Esposito to having the time of his life with this information.

About the murder itself I think we hit the jackpot : the killer is invisible, the victim is a pool God thinking that he sold his soul to the Devil to be that good, there is a government conspiracy, the Chinese involved, a genius hacker… Castle cannot even keep up with the crazy theories. We had our quota for the season in one episode.

It was fun, it was sexy, we had everything we like about the show : eye-rolls from Beckett, 9 years old Castle against an invisible killer, the « it’s another normal day at the 12th precinct ». It’s good to getting the show that I love back.


Strong parts :

– Caskett are back ! And we even had some sexy times (ABC sexy times)

– We saw Martha ten seconds and yet, it was the best thing.

– Ryan and his new job. Maybe Hans Von Mannschaft will make an appearance ?

– The invisible fight

Weak parts :

– As much as I loved the episode, this is Castle, not Supernatural. After Smells like Teen Spirit, the Creaseys keeps on finding weird ways of killing someone.

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