TV Show Review : Castle, Child’s Play, 6×04


Not as fun as last week because we had a more traditional killer, this episode was still pretty funny and sweet. I obviously don’t count the triple homicide and the investigation but using Castle inner-child was good.

Like he said himself, he is at 90% a child and know how to speak to them. Everybody agrees for the first part, the second one is a bit more tricky. From playing little soldiers on the grass to having a tea party as a princess, Castle is in his element. I especially loved how he bond with a little girl who later is jealous of Beckett. Beckett is having a blast, loving this playful side especially after so many months of darkness. No sexy times like last week but they were so many little touches, love eyes and playfulness between the two that it was really sweet to watch.

Does Ryan changed his stylist ? He looks amazing in the white suit, vest on, a real pleasure to watch !

Even if the time in the classroom was light and fun, Rick is saying something that affects directly to the new mythology : « An experience that powerful is going to find a way to express itself and end up on the page. » Nobody forgot that Rick saw something when he was 11-year-old, we discovered it on the second episode of Season 7 and that it is most likely the real reason he became a mystery writer. And that reason is not even known by Kate. So, we could see that his disappearance is still fully present.

About it, Alexis is still having trouble going back to normal and do everything to take care of his dad (potato chip fudge ice cream… Don’t know if it’s real, but I do want a taste of it) and Castle is acting like the King, not in a hurry to go back to the chores. Lucky for him, he has a hot fiancée who don’t let him get spoiled. The talk between Castle and his daughter at the end allowed the teenager to express her feelings and Castle can understand, remembering the time when she was kidnapped in Paris. Even if he loves to be a child, Castle knows when to be a dad for his daughter.

It’s been a while since I really enjoyed the character of Castle, I was focusing on Beckett but I start to love the man again after this episode.


Strong parts :

– Nathan Fillion is perfect in the man-child role as always. And looks sexy and adorable with pink fairy wings.

– Caskett are getting their chemistry back.

– Ryan and his clothes. Yummy !

– I’ve never been more excited to see Beckett nauseous at a crime scene. I’m getting desperate for a Caskett baby.

Weak parts :

– Nope, all good.

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