TV Show Review: Castle, Castle, P.I, 7×11


Wow! That was some fine episode! I was very disappointed with the cliffhanger, but I wanted to hug and kiss all the cast and crew after this episode. Castle is a terrible spy, he is always over the top and melodramatic but it works perfectly. It is also to see a different dynamic between Castle and Beckett. Of course I love the sexy scenes but it was more than that. Because they didn’t work together, they, strangely, talk more to each other and it was more like their partnership in the beginning with the banter but with the added sweetness. It was also interesting that the situation brings back the relationship between Castle and Alexis. It’s been such a long time. Martha wasn’t very present but her « Hello babe' » to Kate at the beginning was one of the highlights of the episode.

About the case, I liked it, it’s great when the team is going after rich and powerful man and that Gates is all fury and command. The plot was interesting even if the writers wrote lot of obvious dialogues to keep the investigation going. The dog’s allergy was a bit « Whaat?’ and the dog was half super cute and half super creepy, I don’t know. But the murder was interesting and the murderer was a surprise.

The interactions between the characters were the best times of the episode. Espo is still at war with Castle but I don’t really think that there’s more than just the fact that he is a Mama’s boy and he is so protective of Beckett, and will stick more to the rules and the logic, while Ryan is such a cutie, trying to be a mini-Castle and be so happy when he is with the original version.

I don’t really know why I think this episode was outstanding, I mean I know parts of the answer, because we had a nice season 7 so far (with absolutely perfect episode like The Time of our Lives and Once Upon a Time in the West) but overall it’s not like Season 4 or Season 6. So maybe, watching the show getting back to the old fun, the pure essence of what Castle is with the chemistry of the two main characters, it really stood up. I also found Stana and Nathan amazing in their acting, both alone and together and they are always really good but this episode, without being dramatic or intense, was delivered perfectly.

I don’t know how long this situation, Castle as a P.I, will last, but this episode showed be that I’m on board for more!


Strong parts :

– I was really surprising, in the good way, by the directing. The wine corking scene was really good and they were few others moments that I’m really not used to see on Castle. I don’t know if it was a new director/writer but it was really interesting.

– Caskett scenes. Like all the Caskett scenes. The « Baby » name. The kinky things. The seduction. The « On top of him ». The wine. The verbal foreplay. Seriously, that was awesome.

– I didn’t realise that I missed Stana as Beckett over the last month. She’s once again, perfect in her acting.

Weak parts :

– I actually loved the episodes. Maybe Castle was overreacting a bit too much or making too many faces, high-pitched voices but really, details.

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