TV Show Review : Castle, Bad Santa, 7×10


Well. At least it’s over. After 6×23 and its awful cliffhanger (still not over it) and overall bad episode, they did it again with the last episode before the winter hiatus. Apparently, trying so hard to make a cliffhanger doesn’t work so much anymore. I found no interest or whatsoever in the Romeo and Juliet mob case and the end… It’s not necessarily what happened but how it happened that bugged me.

About the plot, mobster aren’t my cup of tea, I don’t find it as exciting as some might and if there were few nice twists, I’m also not a Romeo and Juliet kind of girl. So I didn’t really care about the killer.

The poem tradition at Casa de Castle was sweet, how Beckett is (again after Thanksgiving and everything) confronted to one of the things that is natural to the Castles but not so much for her. Yet, the poem at the end was super sweet, too bad that it was in such a bad timing.

The Esplanie was really sweet. We never see interacting with each other and I think that the writers could have made them work if they wanted to but it’s not the direction taken. Too bad. This episode at least show that when they do have a real scene together, with dialogues, they are great. The hostage situation prepared ourselves to their break-up so I’m not surprised. I’m a bit sad, I really like them and well it was always Castle and Beckett, Ryan and Jenny and Esposito and Lanie and I’ll miss that. The fact that the break-up happened during an episode where they were so good makes the thing sting more. But, not all the people in love end up with each other and I guess we just have to accept that.

So, about this end. Castle is fired by the DA and Gates is telling him that it is his last day at the Precinct. We haven’t seen Gates during the episode, nobody knew the part that Castle played in the case and suddenly the dirty cop is killed and Castle is fired ? What ? I mean, I guess it’s because I read way too much fanfics but I always thought that Castle would leave the Precinct to take care of the first Caskett baby. And I actually don’t think that it will be a situation that’ll last. He’ll find a way to come back because that’s how the show works. And no TV show has the guts to make a 180° turn in their storyline. So, let him play the PI for an episode or two and then we’ll get our routine back. So, pretty useless cliffhanger, again.

I love Castle and few less exciting episodes won’t change that but I can’t help to be disappointed


Strong parts :

– Stana was so beautiful, that’s still a major asset

– Best interaction between Lanie and Esposito in a long… Wait, best interaction ever.

– Kevin Ryan is the best friend ever.

– Cyber Rita was awesome ! Some kind of ‘I went to the Dark Side » Tory. Me likey.


Weak parts :

– The cliffhanger

– The plot


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