TV Show Review: Castle, At Close Range, 7×18


Once again, Detective Kevin Ryan aka Seamus Dever gets the spotlight. And like the previous time, the guy is killing it.

Even if my love for Beckett is unconditional, I love when Ryan or Esposito are getting more screen time. Seamus and Jon are amazing secondary roles but they can definitely hold their own alone. I was thinking that Ryan got more time to shine (the 3XK arc, the undercover mission and this) than Esposito (I can only remember the episode with the young boy but maybe my memory is playing tricks). Anyway, Ryan is still trying to find ways to get his baby daughter to college but to do so, he is working part-time for his brother-in-law in a security firm. This night is all about a Congressman, on his way to the White House who needs protection. Too bad that he gets injured and that the woman he was talking to ends up dead.

What I love the most about Ryan (except for Seamus’eyes) is the heart of gold of the character. He is not tough like Espo and doesn’t have the same tragedy than Beckett but he is still a real stand-up guy. He is very much like Castle in that aspect. Ryan is fiercely protecting his family, both at the precinct and at home, and like the rest of the team, he cannot gives himself a rest before catching the killer.

The episode itself wasn’t outstanding, but it was great, the suspense was built nicely and there were few great moments. The One Direction moment was pretty funny, not because of Castle but because of Espo knowledge. The dynamic between all the characters were pretty good as well.

About Beckett, I wasn’t surprised about the Captain test because it is clear that she wants to be more than a Detective but few seconds before she’s all about how politics are a pain in the ass, that you cannot trust anyone and blablabla and yet, she’s thinking about dealing with 1PP everyday, staying in an office and dealing with the big shots of the city. I don’t know, the timing wasn’t ideal I guess. Even if I liked a lot Captain Beckett in the Time of our Lives, I love the Detective she is.

With Castle and ABC, and now the actors, the fandom is used to wait anxiously when we hit this point in the season. There’s never a hint about a new season and every year I’m thinking that I’m not ready to say goodbye to Kate Beckett so I expect the best of the episodes. They need to be flawless if they are the last five or so. And I wasn’t enough enthralled by At Close Range to be completely satisfied. I know it is a lot to ask, to keep us on the edge for several episodes but before I read that the actors and ABC are on board for season 8, I’ll expect an incredible finish.

Congrats to Seamus who deserves to get more exposure and to the crew for another great episode this season. To the end we’re going.


Strong parts:

– Really great for Seamus Dever who got once again a centric episode. The guy doesn’t have only his blue eyes to show.

– The overall « anxiety » of the episode

– Castle and Castle Jr building theories in the middle of the night with cool gadgets but without telling Mom.


Weak parts:

– In a Ryan centric episode I would have love to see Juliana and baby Sarah Grace.


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