TV Show Review: Blindspot, 1×1, 1×2 and 1×3


Yep, three episodes in a row, but I’ll just write a review of the three together. New show, new story but familiar faces. I’m not going to talk about the details, just my impression of this new show.

The pitch didn’t really attracted me. A amnesic women is found in a bag in a middle of Times Square, her body covered in tattoo. Intriguing maybe but I don’t know. Anyway, I still started it obviously, I was curious to see Jaimie Alexander in a new show. I’m not gonna talk to much about Thor, because it is not by portraying Lady Sif that you can show your talents (even if it must be a blast to be a part of a blockbuster like that), I could see her a bit more in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D but again, the role is too big (or too small depending of the point of view) to really see her. So, to me she’s still Jessi from Kyle XY and it’s been 6 years. I haven’t seen much of Sullivan Stapleton work so I didn’t have an opinion. The rest of the cast is recurrent starring roles in various TV shows. So, no offense but no big names to support this new show who still was one of the first to be granted a full season this fall. If they don’t have stars on the casting they have Martin Gero (Stargate) and Greg Berlantis (Arrow, Flash, Like as we know it, and many many more) on board. So I would go to a supernatural kind of vibe with these two. We’ll see.

So, about the show itself. It’s not bad, and it’s pretty nice actually even if it’s not amazingly well played or amazingly written. It’s the beginning so we’re getting all the questions and I’m buying it (almost) but I don’t know how long it will hold. Maybe it will surprise me, but Quantico had a great pilot and the second episode already showed that it wasn’t going to be a hit if the storyline is so limited.

Already they are some things that made me smile: of course Jane Doe is the neighbors of the FBI agent, the little girl who went missing when she was a kid and that he never forgot. Let’s say that it’s almost impossible and that’s sweet. The tough agent can have his closure and protect the girl he had a crush on when he was 10.

The show is interesting because we want to know what happened to Taylor, why the tattoos, who is behind everything and there is a lot of action, lot of new developments so it’s quite pleasant. We’re still learning about the context, about the characters and the story so I’ll try to have a better view of this show in few episodes.

There is already a boring habit: there is a crime somewhere in the city, or a crime about to be committed, and one of Taylor’s tattoo is helping to find the crime. Ok, that’s the spirit of the show, I guess a lot of this crimes or people are connected like in the Blacklist and are a small part of a big conspiration or organization (the file of the Assistant Director of the FBI is already proving it) but what is bothering me is the part where they find the criminal, who knows Taylor but obviously they cannot say who she is, why she’s in this state (mostly because they die seconds before) and it’s too easy. Let’s them refuse to answer, let’s them make the mystery thicker but don’t take the easy road. Three episodes of ‘he’s my only chance to know what happened to me’ and three episodes of ‘I lost the only way who could tell me who I am’. Well, that’s already two times too much.

But overall, I’m glad to see Jaimie once again, even if she’s not amazing there. In the action scenes she’s fantastic but when it comes to drama, right now, it’s not enough for me. The mystery of the show is enough right now, I like being in the dark but the actors need to step up their games if they want the show to have a second season.

I watched the three episodes without a pause so it’s already a sign that I like it, I’ll see how excited or not I’m when a new episode will be available.


What I liked:

– Great mystery with the tattoos, great atmosphere, lot of action and fights.

– Even if it’s also what I don’t like, it’s great to see more of Jaimie.

What I disliked:

– Jaimie is playing almost the same way she was playing Jessi. Like really. I know that the two characters has some similarities but still, I feel like I’m in Kyle XY sometimes. Weird.

– Another procedural. I’m quite tired of this kind of show.

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