TV Show Review : Bad Judge, Pilot


You cannot be serious. Like, seriously, why would anybody do that to me ? I cannot in my life hate Kate Walsh. It’s just not in my DNA. But I am supposed to say something good about Bad Judge ? Sure, the Bad in the title is everything you need to know about the show but I don’t know, even after seeing the trailer, I wanted to hope that it wouldn’t be… well, that. Kate Walsh is perfect, it goes without saying, but even that cannot save the show. It’s terrible, awful, horrible, not funny, not good, not. I don’t know pick something. It’s so bad that I felt uncomfortable. So even if Kate is perfect, how could she said yes to the script ? Has anybody working on the network or on the show stops for two minutes and says « Don’t you think that it’s not very good, guys ? » because someone should have done that.

Kate Walsh and Ryan Hansen in the same show, I know that’ll watch until it’s cancelled because I have too and I’ll just say that it is my guilty pleasure (it’s 20 minutes, not 40, thanks God). And even if it is a bad show, there is no other way to call it, it has a good actress. So let’s focus on that.

I forgot, Bad Judge is about this judge (no shit, Sherlock) who is either drunk, having sex or acting like a teenager. You don’t even believe for a second that someone like that could get the diploma. So in one episode she thinks that she might be pregnant, has desk sex with on the expert, prefer playing the social worker for a kid, eat tacos at breakfast and condemn people when she’s hungover. She lies, she doesn’t do her job properly, she uses advantage of her title and they think that it is alright because she’s doing a nice speech on justice at the end of it ? No way. Or you go all for the crazy and fun judge or you go for a more complex one, but right now it’s just « let’s toss everything into the mix and see how the cake will be ». You die of food poisoning.

Tone Bell is also a little silver lining, and with three good actors, I don’t know how the result can be that crappy.

Strong parts :

– KATE WALSH IS BACK (for few weeks maybe…)

– Ryan Hansen and Tone Bell.

– No, I really try, I really want to, but no.

Weak parts :

– Pick any moment from minute 1 to minute 22.

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