Tv Show Review : Agents of SHIELD, Sleepy Hollow, Red Band Society and Scorpion


Marvel, Agents of SHIELD, Heavy is the Head, 2×02

Rated : 3/5


Hum… Agents is going back to its demons and that makes it more complicated to enjoy. Two or three nice dialogues cannot save an episode when everything is so flat. The only thing really good was Fitz. Don’t you think that he’s more and more turning into some Gollum/Smeagol wannabe ? It’s scary. But I’m glad that he understands that Simmons isn’t there anymore (even if there is not a chance in the world that Simmons is now Hydra I’m pretty excited for next week) and even if he cannot articulate itself or being « normal », he’s still the clever and sweet guy of the season 1. The idea to really have a guy with big super-powers is nice and yet it doesn’t work. I don’t really know why but there are some elements of answers : Coulson can be as badass as he can be boring and he won the freaking boring award there, the relationship between the characters are not evolving and the realisation was bad. Two things saved the episode : Raina is back and she can touch the Obelisk without dying, big improvement from everybody else and she now works for Skye’s father, who will, I guess, be the villain of the season. (He’s also the psychopath who kill Bree’s first husband to marry her in Desperate Housewives. Brr).

It didn’t work out as I wished it would this week but this show is capable of the worse and the best and we’re used to the irregularity.


Sleepy Hollow , The Kindred, 2×02

Rated : 3.5/5

A new sheriff is in town ! And she means business. (She was playing Linda Vasquez on House of Cards). I don’t know if she’s going to be a problem for the duo or if a meeting with one of the Horsemen would make everything easier ? I guess the first option would be more interesting for the story but it’s not like if Crane and Mills don’t have enough problem. This week issue is to free Katrina from Abraham, the Headless guy who really should let it go after 200 years of friendzone. To do so, they decides to finish one of the many project of Franklin : create some sort of monster of Frankenstein. Agreeing that it is a terrible idea but the only way to have some protection from the Horsemen, Jenny sacrifices herself and ends up in jail, hoping that her sister won’t wait another decade to free her (we can understand that even if she took one for the team she’s not that pleased) and Henry/Jeremy seems to like to be maltreated by Morlock and yet still act like a sad puppy around his master. The problem there is Katrina. Everybody kind of ship (pretty hard) Ichabod and Abbie and because of Ichabod’s character it’s impossible to see them as a couple. He ‘s still madly in love with his wife and will stay loyal forever to her. See the problem? Nice idea : letting Katrina with Abraham because she’s in the way right now. And finally, Captain Irwing agreed to be play the crazy man and be transferred to a mental institution to be more easily contacted by Abbie. But, and I was surprised because I thought that they’ve met in Season 1, Henry is presenting himself as his lawyer and make him sign something with his blood (rookie’s mistake) and that cannot be good.

I cannot not like an episode when Ichabod is showing his despite about the marriage’s industry, the fact that bankers don’t trust their customers with a simple pen and how he still mumbling every chance he has about Franklin).

Really nice episode, everything is still completely crazy and unbelievable but you feel that the writers are having fun ( I mean Ichabod knew everybody who lived in the same century than him and could be the real founder of the USA for everything he’s done) and we’re having fun with them.


Scorpion, Single Point of Failure, 1×02

Rated : 0.5/5

And we have a winner ! (Well, I guess Forever will follow tomorrow). First show that I’m dropping this season. The pilot was so terrible that it became brilliant but this week the brilliance stayed at home and it was a pain to watch the entire episode. Characters with no substance, I don’t which one is the more useless, there is just no plot at all (because, why bothers?) and there is basically just nothing, 40 minutes of air and emptiness. Paige, as lovely as she is, can win the Award of the « I win money without doing a single thing », I’m tired of watching them typing at the speed of light without any credibility and having programs on their computers that cannot be possible (I know that it’s pretty to watch but come on, don’t take us for dummies). The bio-virus threat was interesting but poorly played and the way they are solving these situations just make me facepalm.

There was nothing to solve from that so, not sorry but goodbye Scorpion.


The Big Bang Theory, The First Pitch Insufficiency, 8×03


Classics never failed this season. I found a renewed love for TBBT and Modern Family as there are exceptionally funny right now. Between Howard and his incapacity of doing any sports and Leonard/Penny relationship against Sheldon/Amy relationship there were a lot of laughing. The train trip did good to Sheldon, insufferable without noticing and yet, it shows something that everybody thinks about : how can Penny and Leonard can have a happy marriage? In all his insanity and genuineness, Sheldon does have a relationship that he is proud of. Howard and Bernadette are both scientists and Raj and his dog are living a fairytale. Penny and Leonard always had one foundation to their relationship : how crazy in love with Penny Leonard is. But it’s not enough to live a life together. It’s going to be an interesting arc for the season. Kudos to whomever thought about putting the Mars Rover robot into a baseball field to throw the first ball. Amazing!


Red Band Society, Liar Liar Pans on Fire, 1×03

Rated : 2.5/5

It’s impressive how much we felt in this episode that Red Band Society is more a telenova than a show made for the big networks. I’m fully aware that it isn’t working for the audience and that, except if FOX doesn’t care and forget about it, it won’t last long as nobody or almost isn’t watching. So I’m enjoying while I can. Because there are a lot of things to enjoy.  The music is still A+, the dialogue are naïve but sweet and the general impression when watching feels good. They are cute, these little sick kids and the ones who takes care about them. The « surprise » of this episode was to see Jordi’s mother coming to the hospital wondering about her son while the latter told everyone that she was dead. It doesn’t hurt that she’s the woman Doctor McAndrew slept with the night before. There are only in L.A, it’s as plausible as Derek and Meredith spending the night together before meeting as boss and student in Seattle Grace Hospital so don’t judge. Leo wants Emma back but has no clue of how doing it and obviously she wants Jordi now, so I don’t know who I need to ship. Kara is still a bitch, three episodes in a row and she won’t stop anytime soon I guess, and yet the « black bitch » nurse is doing everything she can to not let her take any drugs to be able to have a clean test and be able to have a heart transplant but the girl is willing to take the pills of a 6 years old so she’s pretty hopeless. Finally there is Dash, who’s doing his business, meaning betting on Jordi and his mom and earning some money while trying to get his best friend back (Leo).

Nice episode, sure it’s forgettable but I spend a great moment and it’s the most important.



Modern Family, 6×02


The first episode of the season last week was the best episode I’ve seen during September, all shows mixed up. And this one was amazing as well. Between Lily and her smile, the pseudo experimentation with Phil, Haley and Luke, the college visit with Alex and Claire and the anniversary of Jay and Gloria there were a lot of things going on and yet every situations was equally good and engaging. I really like how Jay tries to be all sentimental with Gloria while she bought him the watch of his dreams and how she smashes the bunny he made (emphasis on the he made!). I know it was sad for the character and yet it was freaking hilarious. Lily is also such an amazing character, I don’t know how the young actress is in real life and how her parents must be freaking out to hear her say stuff like that but it’s fantastic how arrogant, sassy, blasé and adult she is. And for the most important thing : Haley’s hair are the best thing that I saw this week. Can I have the same please  ? (I told you it was important).


Forever, Fountain of Youth, 1×03

Rated : 0.5/5

Aaaaand, we have a second winner ! Forever is the second show that I stop this week (only because I watched Scorpion first). I really like Ioan Gruffudd and I wish him all the best but it is not enough to watch 42 minutes of that every week. I’ll probably watch the last episode of the season, if the show isn’t cancelled before to see if he’s already with the cop and if he found a way to die but that’s it. The guy is the only immortal in this thirties to be so worried about not being able to die and it’s all about that. The idea is great, the man cannot die but why not making him do exciting stuff? REally use this power? He dies during every episode without even doing something reckless and apparently he spent the last 200 years being this random doctor without even enjoying his condition. The fact that the intrigue this week was about a supposedly miracle drug making people in their 60s or 70s have the body of a 30-year-old with the slogan « Do you want to live forever? » was probably just a poor idea of irony. We know that our good doctor wants to die, no need to reminds us that immortality is a curse and not a blessing. About the couple, they have some chemistry for sure but it is so obvious that they will end up together (before or after she knows his secret is the only wonder) that it’s not really an interest. Plus, Henry is a M.E but he is also doing the detective work. The detective herself only ask for warrant, injunction or arrest people who isn’t the most realistic thing ever. The only thing nice was the end, when Abe who is probably 70 years old decides to learn to skate and without training or responsibility or fear to break all his bones goes to a skatepark and just go for it.

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