TV Show Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Law of Nature, 3×01


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is back after a season finale in May that left us with questions, dramatic ending (Simmons!!) and a new dynamic for the organization and the world. So, where are we?

So, when we left AofS Jaying was dead, Cal went to T.A.H.I.T.I and has lost his memories so he is a nice doctor now, Coulson lost his hands, Hunter decided to leave the group even if Bobby almost died in his arms and both now that they love each other, Mac.. Well, he’s still there and Simmons… Sweet, fantastic Jemma Simmons was absorbed by the Kree stone (obviously just after her and Fitz agreed to see have dinner together to talk about what Fitz told her in the bottom of the ocean). OF COURSE. Like we haven’t waited enough… But even if they were zero chances that Simmons was really dead, it’s great to see her with two arms and two legs and her normal face. Bad thing, she doesn’t look like to be on Earth. But well, she has oxygen, so, really she’s not desperate. Come back soon Jemma!

I loved how Fitz is doing everything to save her, that he cannot find the strength that stop and let her go, she’s everything to him and even if he’s putting himself in danger, he doesn’t have a lot to lose anymore. What a character development since the beginning of the show! And how I miss his British accent! Although, my heart broke a bit at the end, it was very powerful to see Fitz screaming like an animal at something that could kill him at anytime.

About Skye, first of all, I don’t like the name Daisy. I’m on Team Coulson, Skye was perfect for her and I’m going to be stubborn about it. So Skye got a promotion and he’s quite the chief on the field (after all the others cannot move mountains) but still has zero social skills and is the worst person to help a new Inhumans to deal with his new life. So she goes to Lincoln who is playing Dc McDreamy but sadly for them a…blue something alien is attacking them and Lincoln will know be tracked. (I don’t know why people want to stay alone instead of a powerful organization when they have aliens and the government as enemies). I really doubt that it is a new Inhuman because the « monster » seemed to know who he was looking for, how to know that they were Inhumans and how to resist to their powers (Lincoln and Skye are quite the team) so I guess he could be a Kree but a weird one.

The big step of this episode was the new chief of the Black Ops mission to capture the Inhumans. Created by the government, Rosalind Price. I knew she was coming but still it was a bit weird to see Constance Zimmer there as I’m watching unREAL and I’m so use to see her as Quinn King. Between her and Coulson, it could be more than a « we are enemies so we hate each other » but maybe more « I want to keep my enemy close, like really close ». Too soon to ship? No, but seriously, I’m curious to see how this special team will fit when Ward and Hydra will be back. Casualties everywhere.


Really good start of the season, with a lot of rhythm and a lot of new elements to make us wait next week impatiently!


What I liked:

– That’s a way to save an Inhumans from a Black Ops guys! And congrats on the « You’re an alien speech », so on point.

– Coulson’s hand… It’s so cool (and a bit gross with the severed arm in a glass container but mostly cool)

– The new guy/thing/Kree?/blue monster looks great and pretty terrifying if you think that he has friends.

– Fitz is out for blood and me likey very much. (and his brain seemed to be to functioning perfectly?)

What I disliked:

– That’s tough, I really enjoyed this episode but: Please tell me that May will come back soon (she can enjoy her vacation with her ex-hubby), I need her badass skills and sassy mouth.


What were your reactions of this episode?

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