They failed us

“26 000 unreported sexual assaults in the military – only 238 convictions. What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?”

“All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”

“It’s really cold outside, they are calling it a major freeze, weeks ahead of normal. Man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming!”

“I get called by a guy that can’t buy a pair of pants, I get called names?” About paralyzed commentator.

“Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate. He may have one, but there’s something on that, maybe religion, maybe it says he is a Muslim. I don’t know.”

“Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?! I mean, Carly Fiorina’s a woman, and I’m not supposed to say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?”

“I don’t think Ivanka would pose for Playboy, although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

“The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.”

“If crazy Megyn Kelly didn’t cover me so much on her terrible show, her ratings would totally tank. She is so average in so many ways!”

“I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th.”

“Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q is one of the highest – and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault.”


It’s been several hours now. But I still want to believe that it’s a nightmare and I’ll wake up. Because it cannot be. It cannot end like that. It’s not the start of anything. They can say that now, they’ll fight and that they’ll defend their values. Defend their values against their own President. There are bad, terrible choices in politics, but this is another level.

That’s what happen when more than half the country decides to pick a man who should be in jail. A man who built his entire campaign on hate. On discrimination. On violence. On lies.

But it’s democracy. So that’s how it is. I didn’t want Trump to contest Hillary’s victory, I won’t say to I want her to do so, but it’s though. Tougher than any political decision that I ever saw.

I remember the day I heard that Trump was running for President. I was watching Jon Stewart. We were all laughing at his speech, this man with orange skin and the most ridiculous wig who came to make his speech by taking the elevator down to the lobby of his hotel. That was fun to see such an inept man insulting an entire country, telling that his main idea was to build a huge wall. That was fun. Because how could a party choose such a character? How could a country like the United States of America could decide to take him seriously? He was going to spend an insane amount of money that could have been donated to associations in ads and TV presence. But after all, it was between him and his conscience. He was just an eccentric TV host of a stupid show, the man who was picking his wives between the Miss America and Miss World pageants. I mean, the guy said on this first speech that Mexicans were rapist (“but some might be good people”). For me, it was over before the beginning. How can someone says something like that and still be a serious contestant?

And yet, months after months, the media were talking about him non-stop. Who care if it helps him if the ratings keep growing? Look, he made a funny tweet. Oh, he made a new hate speech, we need to talk about it for days. Did he really insult women or was it just a tweet misunderstood? Don’t worry, when he’ll have a bad day and decide to wipe out a country by launching a nuclear bomb, millions of viewers will turn their TV on. When you’ll be asked to hide a story of a sexual assault in the White House to keep your credentials for the State of the Union, you’ll have to see if it was worth it. You can all be proud of you. You failed journalism.

Of course I’m feeling even sicker because I’m a woman. The United States of America elected a man who sexually assaulted multiples women, who is on trial for rape and who bragged about “grabbing women by the pussy”. So what? Rape is ok now? Touching a women without her consent is fine now? What’s the future for women?

It’s not about Hillary, of course she’s far from being perfect but it’s about Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Some of you might not have voted for her because of e-mails, Irak or Bill. But mostly, you voted because you hate people who are different.

Because if Donald Trump is dangerous because he knows nothing about the job he’s going to have (but as a woman, it’s not a surprise to see an unqualified man getting a job instead of a qualified woman), his second knows about politics and he’s far more dangerous. Just a reminded that Mike Pence wants:

  • to send gay people to therapy. And not the “let’s go talk to a psychiatrist, you might change your mind’ crap, no, the “let’s try electric shocks, pills and complete solitude” crap.


  • decides that women cannot have abortions anymore (in Indiana where he was Governor, he signed into law one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation)


  • that being beaten up because of your sexual identity is not punishable by law because gay people don’t have rights (he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act)


  • that same-sex marriages is no longer acceptable (“marriage should be between a man and a woman”)


  • He’s obviously against immigration and he’s of course close to the Koch brothers, because all the above wasn’t enough (so, climate change doesn’t exist in his vocabulary).

About that, thank you for our planet. You choose a man you think that climate change is “a Chinese hoax” (Hillary promised half a billion rooftop solar panels installed by the end of her first term). You love Alaska? Say bye-bye to it. A chance for America to turn to sustainable energy? Dream about it. The Paris agreement? Trump said he would pull out of it. Also said that he would scrap the Clean Power Plan, end all federal spending on climate change (including all clean energy R&D and “he would do everything in his power to support both the coal and fracking industries” (???). In charge of the Energy Department, we’ll welcome Mike McKenna, an industry lobbyist, yay.


The media, it’s on you.

Everyone who didn’t go to vote, it’s on you.

Everyone who voted for him to protest against the system/Bill Clinton/or anything not related to the two people and their ideas, it’s on you.

Everyone who laughed or talked about him like someone who was just a clown and not a predator, it’s on you.

The list goes on. But I’ll stop here. I was just to clear a bit my head. And even if it’s not my country, it’s also my fight.


Remember the last man whose campaign was to make his country “great again”.

Hate won today and at some point, it won’t be fixable.

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