Star Wars The Force Awakens

May the Force be with you

I write this in the spur of the moment. On the subway ride to go back home. I just went to see Star Wars The Force Awakens and it was so good, I need to talk about it. (Also, none of my friends saw it yet so I just need a place to proclaim my love to Georges Lucas, Disney, J.J Abrams and everyone involved in this movie. 


OK, so, I’m not the biggest Star Wars ever but I saw the six movies multiples times, I wanted a R2-D2, was in love with Hayden (and couldn’t watch the final moments of the third-in-the-movies-timeline-not-our-timeline), as a big nerd I want to live in a world where the galaxy is mine to explore and I still smile when automatic doors open in front of me when I think about being a Jedi. So, kind of fan I guess. 

Obviously I was more than excited for The Force Awakens, but who wasn’t? I mean, even oranges were branded my Disney these past few months. I have a lightsaber on my Youtube player and even before watching the movie I wanted a BB-8. 

So, here I am, 10pm on a Friday night, grinning like an idiot because despite my very high expectations it didn’t disappoint. 

But going into the movie itself, it was the whole experience that was worth it. I try to avoid crowded theaters as I hate to be disturbed by popcorn-eater, phones or conversations but to see Star Wars that early and not taking a day off work I had to book a screening a Friday night. Arriving half an hour before, there were already a massive queue that only grew until the doors opened (I think we were about 350, without a seat available left). 

The waiting time was pretty hilarious. There were people from every age, kids who couldn’t be older than 10 to people who could be my grandparents. But mostly it was the general excitation, the smiles, the way people were all looking for the same thing. And living in Paris, it adds to the emotion. Next to me were two friends, two girls and one of them was trying to explain everything to her friend in few minutes. « But he was the baaaad guy, I explained already!! » was one of the many exclamations I heard. Others were talking about Disney, some were debating about Anakin/Darth Vader, everything was about a galaxy far far away…  

We laughed together during the previews, we were fidgeting in our seats waiting for the movie to start together and when it went black we all took a deep breath together. It might be silly but when the music started and the text started to roll, I could feel without seeing a face the same smile, the same love (at different level for something that always been there) and the same humming. It felt very good.

J.J Abrams had so much pressure on his shoulders I don’t know how he did it actually. The original trilogy was so loved and the second one was ‘meh’ and lot of big fans were hugely disappointed, he had to respect the original work of Lucas but still create a new mythology, new characters and make it impossibly beautiful (I love the original trilogy but the lightsabers battles were just terrible). And in terms of battles, especially with cruisers, in terms of spaceships and entire planets, it’s pretty much perfect. I mean, I could go back just to stay a bit more focused on the details and the background of the movie.

Daisy Ridley is without a doubt the revelation of the movie. She’s phenomenal. I never was a fan of Carrie Fisher and I love Natalie Portman but Padme wasn’t as badass as Rey. Oscar Isaac is more known (but I fell asleep in front of A Most Violent Year so I must say he’s better as a pilot than he is an owner of an oil company). John Boyega was great, without the star power that Daisy has I think. Harrison was surprisingly amazing, fun, witty, charming, a really nice surprise! And Kylo Ren… Ok, so I have to be honest, when he took off his mask, I thought it was Ezra Miller but something was wrong with his face. And I’m not insane, I googled it and a lot of people made the same mistake. I was telling me that Ezra was more handsome, it took me few minutes to persuade myself that it was somebody else. So, Adam Driver (mostly known for Girls I believe) wasn’t as good as I was expecting the new representation of the Dark Side to be. He’s charming in an anxious, crazy kind of way but something was off. Except for the scene on the bridge, he didn’t show me enough of this battle between light and dark while I really thought that it made me a great character, he’s more torn apart than Anakin or obviously Palpatine and then the decision to kill his father making him truly embracing the Dark Side wasn’t as powerful as I thought it should have been. Did someone told him that Anakin died as a Jedi, in the light and not as a Sith? Because the kid is quite messed up. But I think that it’s going to be a great character.

I couldn’t avoid every spoiler and unfortunately for me, I knew about Han’s death (I’m not thanking the person that didn’t use any hashtag or even Star Wars in his tweet…) so I was waiting for it. And my brother was complaining that it was too predictable and the end was too easy. And it might be so. Yes, we are waiting to see Luke and we see him (I was amused by the fact that Hamill has more charm now then thirty years ago and that he probably spent one hour filming his part), yes we wanted to see Chewie, R2-D2 and C-3PO (for me, Han and Leia didn’t need to be there, even if I was glad that Han was when watching it).

But mostly, the movie is fun. Like, really fun, full laugh not just smile. Obviously some have to do with the references or when we saw the Millennium Falcon treated as « garbage », C-3PO interrupting a moment, the love between Han and Chewie, there were so many great moments but mostly it was a funny movie. And BB-8, I fell in love. I’m sorry R2-D2, but BB-8 took your place and expand it in my heart. I love how they really crossed the barrier between droid and human. R2-D2 and C-3Po never had so much emotions as BB-8 had.

At times, I thought that they were too many resemblances with A New Hope (a new Jedi is revealed, the battle to destroy the DeathStar/the planet, the amazing pilot, the confused newbie, a mentor, etc but

I really loved it, it’s not the movie of the century whatever Disney is telling us and it’s not perfect, but damn, it’s a fine piece of entertainment. Also, if someone can buy me a BB-8, thanks you.

May the Force be with you.

Questions/weird stuff I thought about:

– Everyone had a master, even Anakin, the most powerful Jedi of all time ad Obi-Wan, yet Rey is capable of mastering most of the Force in few days and without any training. I really want to know who her parents are because it was weird to see her so good with a lightsaber already. I can’t believe that she hasn’t met Luke (or she’s is daughter by the way she was using the lightsaber).

– Leia seems to know Snoke quite a lot… Story there?

– What happened with Plasma? She’s just… useless. I didn’t get it.

– A bit disappointed that Finn isn’t Force-sensitive like Leia, even if it won’t be a Jedi.

– The lightsabers aren’t what they used to be. Finn takes a full blast in the back and doesn’t die, arms aren’t chop off. In the previous movies, everything was destroyed neatly, like a laser, now it’s different.

P.S: No idea if this makes any sense, just unedited, quick thoughts about the movie.

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