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Last Monday, you didn’t only fired an extraordinary person in the person of Stana Katic. Despite all her hard work for 8 eight years for the show, how loved she is by the fandom, the crew and cast of Castle and how essential she was for the show (lead actress means something for you?) you decided that the show didn’t need her to keep going. You did so for shady reasons. For money, maybe, by pressure, mostly, by cowardice, definitely and most importantly, because you are a bunch of robots. But if you don’t believe in the show, then you must have seen the numbers. How the audience stopped watching with the new direction of the show (all Nathan Fillion’s show, bad jokes and no Caskett) lost you half of the US viewers and how nobody is watching when Beckett isn’t present in an episode. This must speak to your announcers.

I’m at loss for words when I think about how bad you handled the situation, how graceless you’ve been in your announcement of this bomb. I cannot imagine how Stana must feel, she loved so much her character, she always was truthful to the show and she gave everything to make it successful. And you destroyed everything. But there’s something even worse there: you killed Kate Beckett.

Of course, the people who made this decision probably don’t watch the show, or any show for that matter, to them they are minutes of entertainment good enough to sell stuff to the viewers. Castle was only something to fill between adverts to give more money to Disney. Because we know how much Disney is struggling with money right now, right? But to millions of people, Castle means something. It means a lot. And even if it doesn’t sit right with some people, the character of Kate Beckett was the main asset.

Did you ever realize how powerful Kate Beckett was? How much of a role model she was for millions of young girls? How much she could help people who were struggling one way or another? How badly we need strong women on TV?

Sure, she’s a fictional character but it’s a fictional character that we watched for eight years. A fictional character that we watched every Monday night become the character she is now. Eight years of character development, of heartbreak, joy, set back and love. Eight years of rooting for Kate Beckett to get what she deserves.

Kate Beckett taught me that you can kick ass and still be sexy. That you can be a woman and be respected. That you can be broken but there’s still a possibility of joy. That even if you’re broken, you have the strength to be better. She showed me that life is tough but I can be tougher. That soul mates and happy ending are possible. She taught me that truth wins and that justice is more important than vengeance. And she taught me all of this by learning everything herself in front of my eyes. I watched her being this no-nonsense, no-fun, obsessive, driven by revenge, alone, badass Detective to this loving, peaceful, surrounded by family and friends, married-and-thinking-about-a-child  badass Captain. That’s what I call a character development successful.

Whatever mess this season 8 is, how bad the new show-runners fucked the Caskett relationship, the Beckett-less episodes, the terrible humor and the P.I thing, I never ever imagined that it would end like that. I never thought that there could be another ending that Castle and Beckett being happy, probably expecting their first child. It never even crossed my mind. Because it’s the essence of Castle. Not the crime, the drama, the 12th Precinct, Bracken, LockSat, Johanna’s murder, Alexis and Martha, the boys, Roy, the P.I office, the Captain position. All of these, they only served on purpose: creating and developing the couple formed by Rick Castle and Kate Beckett. Castle is nothing else but a love story. There’s no substance if you remove the love out of the equation. It’s empty. So, how can you think of removing half of the love story? How you can imagine the show to still work when the fundamental base is broken? Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller created a love story. Whatever obstacles they met, Castle and Beckett were endgame. A one true pairing. A writer and his muse. A man with another chance at love. A woman with another chance at life. Two people who found each other and made each others lives better. Extraordinary.

And you are destroying that.

I would have been sad to heard about the show not having a Season 9 but every show has to end. If Castle and Beckett had the ending they deserved then fine, ok, I could have let them go. Cherished them for what they gave me all these years. But that’s not what’s going to happen. I’m really trying to keep hope that one of the ending planned by the writers is a happy ending and that the show will stop there. But I’m almost sure that Kate Beckett will die in few weeks and that the show will be back in September. And that will be a show, something. Because Castle will end when Kate Beckett dies. You can’t remove the heart of a person and expecting them to carry on. You can’t remove Kate Beckett and expect that Castle has a future.

Of course, I can’t wish for the crew and the rest of the cast to be jobless, but despite it, I want Castle to canceled. Because it will hurt too much to know that there’s still a show that will air without Kate Beckett. You don’t seem to know what Castle is so let me tell you very quickly. There’s no Castle without Beckett. And there’s no Beckett without Castle but it’s not like that was possible for you. There are parts of each other. Without Beckett, Castle is just a noisy and annoying writer. Without Castle, Beckett is going down the rabbit hole. Without them, there no interest. They build something so powerful, so beautiful despite serial killers, spies, kidnappings, bullets, all the adversity in the world, they were so strong. Just look at them from the eyes of the fandom and you’ll hear thousands different words but the message will be the same: they are one of the most loved couple on TV. They inspire people to write about them, draw them, talk about them, protect them. When the writers told us that in the future Kate Beckett will be a Senator and that her and Castle will be married with three kids, they weren’t promising this particular outcome. But it was a non spoken promise that the future will be them together, happy. Castle is nothing without Beckett and she will go back to her own demons without him. But it’s not about him for you. It’s not about Castle. Because his name is the name of the show? Bullshit. This show is about love. You need to understand that. If you stay true to the character of Castle, without Beckett he will be so broken that you will only have the story of a man who lost the love of his life and struggle to survive. That’s not the show I want to watch.


You destroyed so much. Please don’t make more damage. Let Kate Beckett have what she deserves. Let the show go with its dignity and a legacy more or less intact. Let the fandom say goodbye to its favorite character.

Please. Don’t kill her. Let Caskett have their happy ending. Let us say goodbye.

You owe it to Kate Beckett and Stana Katic.



P.S: I haven’t forgotten how classy you were for firing Tamala Jones as well. When we all are very much aware that women win less than men, you can’t use the ‘budgetary issues’ card.

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