Movie Review : Gone Girl


Director : David Fincher

Based on the novel by Gillian Flynn

Distribution : Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Carrie Coone, Tyler Perry, Kim Dickens

HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD ! It’s a review, if you haven’t seen the movie and want to do so, then leave the page ! (You can check my tv shows reviews for example…)


I just saw Gone Girl and I’m still shocked. So this review might not make a lot of sense. And I’m a bit rusty with movie review. I didn’t read the book but I surely want to now. Even though I know the main plot, I read that the end was different and I believe the book to be even more disturbing.

First of all, a huge congrats to the actors and the crew. The reputation of Fincher is not to make anymore, Ben Affleck either (even if, as an actor, it’s more versatile) but my crush is on Rosamund Pike. To me, she was Jane Benett in Pride and Prejudice, that’s all. A pretty blonde with a nice smile. Now, I’m scared a pretty blonde with a nice smile. She’s so amazing as this psychopath wife. Brilliant.

I heard a lot of people criticizing the movie before I saw it but I absolutely loved it. Even if it’s 2 and half hours it flies by and I was just gasping in my seat. It felt a bit weird that so much is revealed after an hour or so but there is so much going on after that. I don’t know how many times I muttered « That lying bitch » during the movie, but I did a lot.

Everyone on this movie is suspicious, except Nick’s twin sister who is amazing (character and actress). Nick is doing all the wrong things when his wife goes missing (who smile like that when you’re next to a missing person poster? I laughed so hard) and the entry of Amy’s diary are getting darker and darker and you start to believe that yeah, he might have killed her. And then, Amy’s in the car and all hell breaks loose. You see all the plan, all the craziness of the woman and you know have a bit of sympathy for Nick (well, the guy is still banging one of his students in his sister’s living room while his wife is missing so, just a bit). But Desi, the wonderful Neil Patrick Harris who definitely has the physique for thriller, is also the kind of person you don’t want to get in a fight with. Red doesn’t suit him so well… All the characters are brilliant, truly, I don’t know why people didn’t like the movie. Please, if you didn’t, write a comment.

The movie is reflecting how much human nature can be sick. Of course, Amy is worse than Nick. She faked rape twice, tried to frame her husband for her alleged murder and killed another man. She’s beyond crazy but she still smart, a calculating person, so terrifying and you cannot really relate to that. She scared me because of how she planned the all thing and how her plan B is even more terrible but Nick isn’t the loveable person either. He’s probably worse by the fact that being like him is so common. A guy without a job, in a loveless marriage who cannot find the courage to divorce and has an affair with a younger woman ? It’s our life. We can see each other, our neighbors, our friends like that. His world doesn’t collapse when his wife is missing. It collapses when the media starts to gain interest to him.

More than the question of who is alive, who is dead and who is going to die, there is this obsession with the coverage of the media. How Nick is now a national curiosity, hated by million of people because the media said that he was guilty. And how, when he’s cleared, they just move on, no « sorry » and « no hard feelings I hope ». This is a game of who is going to win the audience : Amy is building a fake previous life to appears like the perfect housewife and Nick decides to play the same game to clear his name. The trial isn’t in court, symbolically taken by the journalists for a press conference, but in the TV.

About the directing, there is such a gap between this long and « normal » filming, something that Fincher loves, where Ben Affleck is awesome as the normal guy trying to be good for the TV while being filmed for a movie (I think I lost my train of thought there) and the violent close-up (the « rape » scene between Amy and Desi). The disgusting sides of the characters has to be seen closely.

I seriously was scared for Nick at the end of the movie, and I felt terrible for him. If I were in his shoes, I would have taken my sister and my passport and get the hell out of the house, the state, and even the country. Yet, there is still this attraction/repulsion to her (and fear, I mean the guy locks his bedroom door) and he won’t leave her. I wanted to hug his twin sister (Carrie Coone was also amazing) because she was exactly the reflection of my emotions.

Thanks you David Fincher, Rosamund, see you at the Oscars, Ben, it’s always a pleasure. People, don’t cheat on your bored wife.

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