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After the ferry disaster, the world of entertainment is back in Korea. Which means that we had pretty exciting come back to see and to expect. It’s hard not to talk about EXO right now. If Overdose is not as powerful as Growl, their latest hit last year, it was a great comeback. I was a bit sad to see that EXO-K and EXO-M were doing separate promo, I really think that they are more powerful together. I was going to say when they are 12 but… Unfortunately for the group, it’s not with a new all-kill in the charts and their 3 big concerts in Seoul that they were all over the media these past few weeks. Kris, member and leader of EXO-M shocked everyone by going against SM Entertainment, his company and attack them in justice. That’s quite frequent that an idol try to break its contract, and SM is not stronger to it *cough* TVXQ! *cough* but EXO reachs its peak of popularity after two years being rookies, they sold more than a million of their last album and were going to hold three huge concerts. So the timing is odd. Then, I don’t blame Kris as I’m sure SM has again abuse of their idols (like any company in Korea but they are probably the worse). So I hope that he’s prepared to fight as, like he said, it’s David against Goliath. I also can understand the fact that the rest of the members are angry as they already worked until exhaustion to prepare their concerts and had to it all over again, being 11 this time. But the first concert was a success and I wish EXO the best.

EXO-K / Overdose

EXO-M / Overdose

This week they were also two highly anticipated comebacks : VIXX and Infinite. I like the two groups, but I’m not a big fan of them. VIXX has stronger voices and a great rapper and Infinite are amazing dancer and really good MVs.

VIXX came back with a power ballad, the chorus is really great but the rest is a bit boring. I’m not sure it’s the concept that suits them but it’s okay enough. I’ll watch one or two lives to see how the choreography is really an I like Pretty Boys group but I won’t dowload the song.

VIXX / Eternity

Infinite, I still only know L, always had me with their MV and dancing that made me watch the lives but I never been a fan of their songs themselves. It doesn’t change with this comeback. But I know that as a Pretty Boys group and with their flawless choreography I’ll watch them and probably that the melody will grow on me.

Infinite / Last Romeo

A new group, BTL, did its debut this month. Unfortunately, their concept is not as powerful as B.A.P, not enough engaged as B.T.S and they don’t show the same level of talent as EXO. Of course the rookies of the last two years put the bar really high but I’m not sure they will last the year. They seem to have great voices but the song isn’t enough for a debut. The MV is nice enough, there are great moments. Maybe if they are given a second chance and the song can really show what they are capable they could make it as they look really young.

BTL / Too_G

2NE1 celebrated their 5 years’ debut this month and released Gotta Be You to thanks their fans. You didn’t have too girls. I love them, there are one of my favorite girls group but after the amazing Missing You and the great Come Back Home I was a bit sad. I really don’t like the MV and even CL didn’t manage to make me like the song. Well actually I really like CL and Minzy parts but I don’t like the chorus sings by Bom. They can do so much better but it’s still a great piece of music.

2NE1 / Gotta Be You

Still, 2NE1. The girls released a live version of the unplugged version of Come Back Home and everything is forgiven. It’s just beautiful.

2NE1 / Unplugged ver. of Come Back Home

Taeyang is back next week ! Massive fangirling is planned !

Fighting !

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