K-Pop : June 2014


(A bit late but exams and stuff made these past couples of weeks crazy)

What a month South Korea delivered once again ! Huge comeback, scandals and great lives for this month of June.

I obviously need to start with the comeback of Taeyang, and it’s a bit weird as it was really early in the month and it’s seems already so far away. After his first solo album in 2009, the vocalist of Big Bang was back with a very very awaited album. We already had the chance to hear Ringa Linga and watch a really fun MV seven months ago and it was the best track of Taeyang ever (and yes it does include Wedding Dress that I adore). Blondie Taeyang, the amazing choreography, the upbeat of the song and the return of his voice, smooth as silk. It was awesome. So his album could be a dissapointment. It’s the complete opposite.

Eyes, Nose, Lips is an incredible song. Taeyang is not only a dancing machine, his voice is really really good, he can really sings. I love every song of the album, but the main track is amazing. I don’t talk much about the MV, as much as I love to see four minutes of Shirtless!Taeyang and that he knows how to show his emotions it wasn’t enough. But the song… His voice, the piano, the lyrics, wow, well done YG and Tablo ! My second favorite track is the Intro, I wish it would be longer. It’s exactly the kind of sound that you want to blast on the summer, full volume to dance. 1AM started to grow on me, especially thanks to the MV, which was really nice, even if the all « bed scene » made me laugh, K-Pop will always amazed me on that matter. And seriously, Taeyang needs to stay blond. Maybe the chorus is a bit repetitive for me to really loving this song but I don’t mind listening to it. Next track is Stay with Me feat G-Dragon. The rap of the leader is welcome, I love the emotions brought with his lyrics. But the voice of Tae is not fully used. Body is Meh.. I like the feminine voice (CL? I didn’t check) but it’s like any other track that we can listen with others groups. This isn’t it/Didn’t Mean it shows the voice of Tae, but it’s more a vocal perfomance and the emotions are hard to get to. Throw Away is the opposite, after the high pitches we listen to a more normal voice and the choir adds a nice bonus. But it’s not the song of the year, far from it. And finally the last track, Love you to Death is a little jewel. I just love it, I love the melody, I love his voice and the chorus always get stuck on me.

We waited a really long time. But thanks you Taeyang, you did the job, it was amazing !

To listen the album :Taeyang – Rise

Another comeback happened early June and it was U-Kiss time ! I love this group, I love Eli and Kiseop and like all the others members. They have this incredible sync with each others during lives and their choreographies are always nice to watch. It’s quite strange how they don’t have a big fandom in Korea… Not a single awards while they debuted in 2008… But it’s always a pleasure for me to listen to their latest songs. And I love Stop Playing. Kiseop sings ! Eli parts are awesome and the new member Jun seems quite good. Yeah, because if you’re not familiar with U-Kiss, you have to know that their members change quite a lot. Recently, the maknae Dongho left the group and Jun arrived for this comeback and another member, rapper AJ, is spending all his time in Columbia, NY to study and don’t show to all comeback. (And he had a heart surgery last month apparently..) So it’s always a surprise to see who is present or not when they release trailer pictures. But why I am talking so much about a band that don’t have that much recognition in its own country  ? Because of the MV of Quit Playing. Huge scandal for the group because of it. It was labeled as 19+ so I don’t really see the fuss (obviously it’s nothing from a Western point of view but in the MV you can guess the start of a treesome and OMG it’s the end of the world). I don’t get it. If you look at the comments of the video on Youtube, even a month after, it’s all about how much they are shocked by it. Seriously, if you haven’t watch it, do it now. The choreography was also a problem as it was considered unfit for broadcoast program (a man touching a girl ? Korea doesn’t think so) so the lives were boring, without any contact but hey, Eli is more handsome every day so that’s okay. Every comeback I’m afraid that it’s going to be the last one and I’m pretty sure that their agency did all of this for ad purposes but it got out of hands really quickly… And it’s sad really. Because the song is great.

To see the infamous MV it’s over there : U-Kiss – Stop Playing

The comeback of Boyfriend was not something that I was waiting for, another group of pretty boys, and I didn’t like Obsession the first times that I listened to it but it actually grew on me. Nothing extraordinary but you can listen to it : Boyfriend – Obsession

I won’t even talk about PSY with Hangover, it’s terrible…

A rookie group surprised me : Topp Dogg. They are like 12 or 13, I have no idea who is who or anything but the MV is really really good and except the annoying chorus, the song is great, I loved the mix of hip hop and classical. Unfortunately theirs lives are terrible, they really need to work on their stage presence and their voices in live (and do something with their hair, I know I’m talking about K-Pop but that’s not possible). But go watch the clip : Topp Dogg – TOPDOG

I was dissapointed by the comeback of N-Sonic, Cross Gene, History, so there’s nothing to say.

Another huge comeback was made by my boys BEAST. Their trailer didn’t give a lot away and it was a really good feeling to have a great MV and a great song. I don’t know if I will love one of their song more than Shadow (or Flower by Junghyun) but Good Luck is a fine work. Beast is one of my favorite group (even though I can’t stand Hyunseung) and I really enjoyed this comeback. A little bemol, from the first live they seemed really tired and with such a hard choreography it was impossible to sing live. But great work boys !

Beast – Good Luck

And not about the music, thanks you to Baeckhyun and Taeyeon to offer us some drama. The EXO member and the Girl’s Generation member are dating ! Yeah, ok, nobody cares, they are adults and they are doing whatever the hell they want. But no, it’s idols that we are talking about and idols cannot have a life, especially a love life. So now Baeckhyun is a traitor (how could he chose one of the most beautiful and talented girl of the country when his fans are dreaming about him ?) and Taeyeaon cannot express how sorry she is and apologize everytime she has a chance. I’m sorry for them, plus Baeckhyun was already in the middle of a scandal for under-age drinking but they know it comes with the job…

So, we had a great month of June and July is already awesome as F(x) is back but it will be for another post.

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