(English) TV Show Review: Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S, T.A.H.I.TI, 1×14

(This article is a gigantic spoiler)

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Ok…So we are not going to lie to each other, after the really really really great T.R.A.C.K.S a month ago, my hopes were again so high about this show. T.A.H.I.T.I (and guys, your acronyms are starting to pissing me off) isn’t really bad, it’s better than any of the others episodes between 2 and 12 but we go back to all the bad aspects of the characters. Ward is as interesting as a wooden stick, May (even still so badass) has a complete off-character réactions and Coulson starts to live during the last five minutes.

Obvisouly the episode starts with the battle of Skye’s life. She’s got two bullets in her stomatch and she doesn’t look good. At all. They bring her to an hospital but the damages are too important and the doctor warn them that she won’t wake up. I admit that I was quite emotional for few seconds, I mean Skye is cute. But after that, Coulson is playing the father’s figure completely wrong, May loses it (and almost tear off Ian Quinn’s face) while she is always so measured and the others are trying to convince each other that it is their fault. The problem is that really quickly, Skye isn’t the problem anymore, they put her in a box and she’s just a pawn. The plot is (like always) Coulson and his I came back from the dead surgery. We still talk about the Clairvoyant all the time but there is nothing done to actually find who he is ( I read that a lot of people think that it is Loki, I really like this idea but at this rythm we will know in about 3 years).

So the team goes to the place where Coulson had been treated, obviously the place doesn’t exist but two minutes later they find the real place, and we lost the script but everything’s fine. So we discover the place (runs by whom ? Nobody knows) where miracle happens. Reading a file about 500 pages long, there is only one thing that is interesting for the team, the G.H.325 and then they find it they only take a dose of it when there are three of it. I mean you find something that can resuscitate people while take the all stock of it ?

So it’s after, about 5 min before the end that things get interesting. Coulson who was about 200% for the drug is now 300% against it but Skye was dying so Simmons gave it anyway. Everybody watchs, very calm, her convulse (I mean WTF ?) until she’s safe.

We finally see what Coulson discovered in the Guest House and what is behind Tahiti which is now T.A.H.I.T.I (even Clark Gregg must be bored to repeat Tahiti every episode) but we still don’t know what it stands for. We discover that the drug given to Skye (who is already a 084) isn’t probably what they gave to Coulson and is actually the blood or some sort of fluid taken from a blue giant (who could be Klee or one of the Ice Giants, ennemies of Asgard) No idea but at least what comes out of his body is quite efficient.

Skye was already different (in what, we still waiting for the answer) but now she should develop some super powers or experiencing some changes in her personnality, well, something should happens and we can trust the writers to decept… surprising us.

Actually the best moment of the episode (except for the discovery of the blue giant or the fact that T.A.H.I.T.I is now a code for something and that Skye is going to live… still it’s pretty big deal) it’s the scene after the end of the episode and the preview of the next episode where Asgard is back with Lorelei and Lady Sif (<3). And the apparition of the shield of Captain American who could be present (if the ratings weren’t so terrible it would be another promo for the Winter Soldier)

Preview :


 Strong parts :

–       We are going to go from zero to several super héro

–       Simmons is more and more adorable

–       Lorelei and Lady Sif (and the Captain ?) in the next episode !

Weak parts :

–       Ward, May and Coulson. Again and again.

–       The search of Fitz and Simmons in the virtual Library. I mean, the visuals were awesome and all but seriously ?

–       Skye. That she lives or dies, nobody really care actually. (And it’s pretty sad)

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