(English) TV Show Review: Grey’s Anatomy, You’ve Got to Hide your Love Away, 10×14

(Spooilers. Massive. Basically a resume of the stuff.)

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It feels so good to find the old Grey’s back. I think the show went back to its top 3 episodes back. Before, this 10th season was hell. So boring and awful. But if the story doesn’t move really, the characters are back in full force ( with their libido) and with their rightful tone. This episode could have been named ‘Sexy Times are Back!’, I mean, I know it’s nearly spring but still… Everybody could be happy about their ships: Jolex, Japril, MerDer, Crowen, Calzona, Bailey and her husband ( do they have a shipper name?) and Owen and Emma. (Owen was a pretty busy man this week.) Too bad it is THE moment when the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital decide that relationship will coworkers is more or less forbidden. After 9 years of « Every sleep with his significant others in the break room more time than doing surgery » and that’s why we love the show I doubt it will last more than a couple of weeks.

I didn’t really pay attention to the medical cases of the episode even if I have to admit the one with the young girl and the too many cancers was quite emotional and the other one was I nice counterpoint of crazyness. Bur clearly that was not the point of the episode so who really cares? (Except if you got cancer or had been trapped in a dumpster for 2 days, then I’m deeply sorry).

I’m so glad that everything’s fine for Japril and Calzona (and almost for Jolex) that all the others you are all so pretty but I don’t really care either. But the residents (Ross, Stephanie and the tall blonde that I still don’t know her name) are so useless. I mean, not in that particular episode but in general. The less I see them, the better I am.

The Drunk!Cristina was absolutely awesome, funny and so well played (the phone call to her mum in the middle of the night about curtains with a completely « WTF is happening » Owen was priceless) but the all stuff with Owen… I don’t know. I mean it’s not because they had sex that they will be back together and I’m really not sure if I want Crowen back. I think we kinda reach what the duo could bring as a dynamic. But anyway, we only have few episodes left with Sandra Oh so I’ll enjoy them.

The only thing about the storyline of Derek is the dream of having a mini crossover between Grey’s and Scandal with Fitz as the president who wants Derek to be the chief of the project. Hey, a girl can dream!

So, a great Grey’s, back to basics: Drama, sex and a bit of medicine.

Strong parts:

– Drunk!Cristina

– Japril at the hospital, Jolex in their bed, Calzona in their new house

– We found back the writers. End of the alert!

Weak parts:

– The story. A plot? What plot?

– The residents. Fire them all. The tall blonde first.

– Crowen. I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not.

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